The Voice – Final Blind Auditions

It is the last week of the blind auditions on The Voice! Adam, Blake and Christina need 2 contestants more on their team and Cee Lo needs 3.

Whitney – I like this girl, she has a nice tone to her voice. All 4 turn around for her.  She chose Adam.

David – The crowd really seems to like him! I’m not completely sold on him, and I guess the coaches weren’t either. No one turns around for David.  Back to work as an engineer I guess!

The Shields Brothers – Cee Lo seems in to this group – singing along and then turning around… and still singing along haha

Cheesa – She definitely has an interesting voice and I think that Cee Lo will be a great coach for her.

Preston – What a great artist Preston is! Rockin’ that guitar. Unfortunately, the coaches didn’t think so.

Lex – definitely an interesting voice. I think Adam and CeeLo realized this in no time. And both of them need just one more person so they will definitely need to duke it out. If Blake doesn’t sneak in and snag her for himself!  And that is exactly what happened. Now all 3 guys need just 1 more and Christina needs 2!

Cameron – He came off a bit cocky and seemed to have a few off notes as well… And I don’t think the coaches knew what to expect from him as well. I think they thought he was a girl!

Orlando  – Definitely put his own twist on this song, and he has a great voice. He will be the final addition to Team Adam.

Lee – This guy has a pretty good voice, but I guess that none of the coaches are sold on it. Oh wait, Christina was sold on the Harmonica.  1 more to go for Team XTina!

Wade – interesting song choice. Welcome to Team CeeLo!

Now it’s down to just Christina and Blake finishing out their teams!

Adley – I love Carrie, so I was not really into this rendition of her song. Christina and Blake duke it out and Adley becomes the final member of team blake.

Now it comes down to only Christina.  She gets her pick of all the voices that are left to audition.  She passes on several artist before choosing Sera as the final member of her team. Then she joins her on stage!


Next week it is time for the battle rounds!  Team members go head to head with one of their teammates.  One will go home, as decided by the coaches.  We also get to see the advisors!  Lots and lots of advisors it looks like this season!  Then each team will be down to 6 for the live shows! I can’t wait.

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