Idol Thoughts – Last of the Auditions

This week we had the last week of auditions! Unfortunately I spoiled myself and looked at the top 24 list that had leaked. I tried to forget what I saw and for the most part it worked. I don’t know why I ALWAYS look, I get so mad at myself afterwards. Although, I don’t really have any clear cut favorites yet, so I am hoping that Hollywood week will make me fall for a couple of contestants, at least!

Wednesday night we were in Portland (although GetGlue gave us stickers for Portland AND Gavelston. Not sure what happened there.)  There were a few that stuck out to me during this hour – Jermaine Jones (though he sang a Ruben song), Britnee the mom of 2, Romeo Diahn and Jessica Phillips.  I was so glad that Jessica was a good singer – obviously she is a great person staying with her boyfriend after he had a stroke and did not remember her – but it seems like she is good all around 🙂

Thursday night was in St. Louis, where Carrie Underwood was discovered! (And I can’t get over her accent in those old clips. My goodness! She is so cute.)   And forget what I said earlier about no clear cut favorite. Hellooooo Johnny.  Reis Kloeckner was pretty good as well. (I guess all the boys were hiding in St Louis!)  The last girl was also good as well.  I just wasn’t paying enough attention to the TV to catch her name. (Lauren?)



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