Idol was 2 hours on Wednesday which messed with my schedule for sleeping a bit… but oh well.

I really liked the 2nd  group that did “Hold on Im Coming”, they had some great harmonies and I am glad that the judges let them all through!  I don’t know who was in the group though because I was multi tasking and not paying enough attention.  (Remember when I said I scheduled things really badly? This half assed re-cap is just another example of that)

Is this group singing MMMBop mixed with Blu Cantrell? Ha. They’re actually pretty good and it looks like they are having fun.

And here we go with the fainting again.  It’s so crazy how many people this girl ended up getting sick. And I truly believe that these people who forget lyrics should be kicked out immediately.  It’s not fair to the others who did practice and learn their parts.

I love how cut throat it is though – that some groups won’t even help out their group members with the lyrics.  I would think that would make you look better to the judges… that you knew your part and more and were helping out.. but I guess no one wants to try that!

And wasn’t “those girls and that guy” the one with the cop who wanted to sing 2 songs for sure – and now that is not even what her group is singing?  Be flexible people.  That girl was so effing annoying and then didn’t even get what she wanted in the end – except for probably a bunch of viewers who are rooting against her!

I also can’t believe that after that girl fainted for what looked like a 3rd time – her group tried to keep singing! (That was my favorite doing it too – wasn’t it? ugh. lol) I mean, I get that you really want this – but if you were doing well I think that the judges would let you continue after the group member is taken care of (although to be honest they were a bit of a mess.)

Then it was time for solo performances again.  This is when you really have to give it your all. I’m glad they are finally showing us some people that we haven’t seen yet. I can’t believe we are so close to the live rounds!

It looks like a couple of my favorites have made it through! And I’m still hoping the spoiler list is wrong!

Thursday night was the performances in groups in Vegas! Unfortunately my DVR decided that I didn’t REALLY need to watch it :/  Fortunately the performances were up on so I could see them!

(Another thing that was funny – is I avoided episode spoilers by not checking my twitter or facebook feeds after the concert to avoid anyone talking about results.  What I *did* check? My blog stats. And keyword activity. Which said… “Why was johnny sent home on idol?” ACK. So then I knew that the spoiler list I had seen – might be right – since he was not on it. What HAPPENED?!)

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