Friday night, Kicking Daisies played a hometown show of sorts at the Ridgefield Playhouse in Ridgefield, CT.  Shortly before the show started the band had posted on facebook that the show was officially SOLD OUT!

The first band opening up the night was a local band from Ridgefield, The Distractions.  They were made up of 3 young guys – all dressed up in a t-shirt and a tie.  After a couple of songs they called everyone up to the front and at one point tried to get people to come up on stage, but that was shot down pretty quickly by the staff.  I thought that their music was decent, but I wasn’t sure the singers voices were able to hold up throughout their entire set.  Maybe that will come in time.

The second band was Carly & Eliza, another local band.  They did 7 songs and mentioned that their soccer team was in attendance and in the front row.  While the director of the theater tried to get everyone to go back to their seats for the start of this set, everyone made their way back up to the front as soon as they could.  Their voices went really well together and I really enjoyed their set.  I tried to keep track of most of their songs – Fighting Fate, Wonderwall (Oasis Cover), Broken Glass, Never Felt So Free, Forever, Livestrong, Rollercoaster.  I may have gotten some of the titles wrong, but I think they mentioned most of them.

Next up was Kicking Daisies.  They are from my hometown and I first saw them opening up for Hanson in PA and was hooked.  While they may be young they are also super talented beyond their years and most of all – FUN!

You can tell that they are having a great time up on stage – running around and always smiling during all the songs. The beginning of their set was basically just them jamming for a few minutes while the crowd screamed for them.

It had been a while since I have gone to a show with such a young audience – and it was amusing to see parents taking out their small children before the show was over because it was past their bed time and they just couldn’t stay awake any more. (For that reason I was thinking it was odd to have 2 openers, but the teens obviously were able to hang in there the whole night) It was also funny to see all the extra cars in the parking lot when the show ended – all the parents picking up the kids they had dropped off for the night! (And fortunately when they saw that I needed to get out of my parking spot they were ready and willing to move for me)

The band hung around after the show to meet with fans, but considering there were a few hundred people waiting I opted to leave and head home. I’m not a fan of driving in the rain and in the dark and I didn’t want to be doing that too late at night. (I guess I’m getting old)

Kicking Daisies shows are always so high energy… I am now planning when I will get to see them again. (They are playing with Action Item in New Jersey in November so I am thinking that may be the winner, especially since the show starts so early…)

Keep Me Shaking
Shut Up
The Plan
Taking Me Down
Big Bang Theory
Keeping Secrets
Video Killed the Radio Star

Kicking Daisies

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