1. WILD BOYS: “You got sirens for a welcome, there’s bloodstain for your pain and your telephone been ringin while you’re dancing in the rain” If you have been in a car accident, what happened?

I’ve been in 2, both after John Mayer concerts.  The first was the first time I was allowed to drive to a concert by myself, and a girl trying to switch lanes hit me. Our side mirrors hit, mine cracked and was hanging off the side the whole way home.  The second time I slipped on ice and hit a guard rail about 10 feet from my house!

2. UNION OF THE SNAKE: “There’s a fine line drawing my senses together and I think it’s about to break. If I listen close I can hear them singers, oh oh oh! Voices in your body coming thru on the radio, ho ho.” Do you believe people hear voices or have guardian angels?

In a word, yes

3. SAVE A PRAYER: “You saw mw standing by the wall, corner of a main street and the lights were flashin on your windowsill. All alone ain’t much fun, so you’re lookin for the thrill and you know just what it takes and where to go.” Where is a happening place for you to go?

The most “happening” place for me to go is concerts – otherwise I am not really into social situations.

4. RIO: “I’ve seen you on the beach and I’ve seen you on TV two of a billion stars, it means so much to me, like a birthday or a pretty view but then I’m sure you know it’s just for you”. Who do you admire based solely on their appearance?

I don’t think there is anyone I admire based SOLELY on appearance.  I might have started to like them based on appearance but if they were a big ol jerk that would be the end of that…

5. THE REFLEX: “You gone too far this time, but I’m dancing on the valentine. I tell you somebody’s fooling around with my chances on the dangerline. I’ll cross that bridge when I find it another day to make my stand”. What is the worst thing a lover has done that you forgave them for?

I don’t know. I’m not very forgiving.

6. ORDINARY WORLD: “Well now pride’s gone out the window cross the rooftops, run away, left me in the vacuum of my heart. What is happening to me? Crazy, some’d say, ‘Where is my friend when I needed you most?’ Gone away.” Do you still keep in touch with your best friend from high school/university?
I do keep in contact with a few friends from high school.  I didn’t really have that many close friends in college (I was in class mostly with boys younger than me so it’s not like we had much in common to do together outside of school lol)

7. NEW MOON ON MONDAY: “Last time la luna. I light my torch and wave it for the New moon on Monday and a firedance through the night. I stayed the cold day with a lonely satellite.” Does the full moon make you act crazy?

LOL No, I don’t get Full Moon Crazy…

8. KHANADA: “Don’t play with me, I’ve nothing to lose Khanada I’ll get by. It ain’t no ones day, coming so soon Khanada I’ll get by. I dont believe in dragons or blues Khanada I’ll get by. I don’t believe in nobody’s rules Khanada I’ll get by” Do you believe in dragons or blues?


9. HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF: “In touch with the ground. I’m on the hunt, I’m after you. Smell like I sound, I’m lost in a crowd and I’m hungry like the wolf” What do you smell like right now?

Fig & Spice or Brown Sugar.. whatever the soap from B&BW; is lol And probably a little coconut from my shampoo

10. HOLD BACK THE RAIN: “Okay go off and wander. I’m guilty just the same. Sometimes you’re needed badly, so please come back again” What are you recently guilty about?
Not making time for my friends

11. GIRLS ON FILM: “There’s a camera rolling on her back on her back and I sense the rhythms humming in a frenzy all the way down her spine” If offered 1 Million dollars, would you pose nude or appear in a porn film?
I’d have to really really think about it. But I’d probably end up saying no.

12. ELECTRIC BARBARELLA: “People say they heard about our deviation. But you never looked so good. Wear the fake fur for me and put on your mystery” Have you ever worn real fur or would you if it were a gift?
I’m not into fur – real or fake. So no.

13. COME UNDONE: “Mine, immaculate dream, made breath and skin, I’ve been waiting for you, Signed, with a home tattoo, Happy birthday to you was created for you” Do you have a tattoo and if so, please describe it. If you don’t, describe what you would get if you changed your mind about it.
I don’t have a tattoo and I don’t really have any designs picked out though I wouldn’t entirely rule out getting a tattoo (except for the fact that I’m not a big fan of needles…)

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