Would You Rather Wednesday

August 26
Live in a world where everyone looked the same
where people have mr potato head style facial features that can be removed and exchanged?
Potato head. Everyone looking the same would be super boring
August 27
Be reincarnated as a frog
Richard Simmon’s son?
A frog!
August 28/29
Be an expert whittler, but have a debilitating fear of right angles
Have thick lustrous hair, but believe you are Dan Akroyd while it’s light out, and Pegasus while it’s night?
Dan & Pegasus.
August 30
Eat a baked penguins
Creamed antelope
Ew. Baked penguin. I guess. Neither seem all that great of an idea though.
August 31
Live in the “star wars” universe
Shakespeare’s England?
Star wars!
September 1
Live in a world painted by Rembrandt
A six year old?
Six year old

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