Sunday night was my 7th show in 7 days (or 8th show in 9 days!)  I had never done that many in a row before (and I’m not sure I will ever do it again!) and my throat was killing me, my voice was going in and out and my legs were shaky – and this was all before leaving my house!

First up on our agenda was to head to the Natick Mall to Hot Topic to meet Honor Society.  When I got to Lauren’s I went to plug in the GPS, only to find that the car adapter had completely fallen apart.  It had some battery power but we weren’t sure how much and we really knew nothing about where we were going.  While I started driving north, Lauren went digging around in the car for pieces and somehow managed to put it back together.  (Well, almost! There were a couple of extra pieces – but it WORKED and that was all that mattered)

The signing at the mall was to start at 3pm and we got to the mall around 1pm.  It was HUGE and it was getting hotter outside by the second.  We went by and saw there was 1 girl in line – who actually recognized us as being CT fans and saw us at the train station last week.  We decided to go to Friendly’s.  Whenever I go to a Friendly’s they are always slow as anything, and it was no exception.  It appeared they were very short staffed and we waited to be seated.  Once we were seated, the manager came over to serve us and we did get our food pretty quickly.  However we waited an extra half an hour for our check – finally we were able to catch a waiter’s attention and get out of there and back in line.

When we got back over to Hot Topic there were maybe 50 people in front of us.  We were nervous because we had soundcheck at the show and it was 30 minutes away and check in began at 3:15.  We had no idea if we would make it.  Pretty promptly at 3pm the line started moving.  I had my Fashionably Late CD for them to sign and Lauren had her version of our 2008 scrapbook. (I had gotten mine signed in February of 09)  Jason was first and I said hi and told him how we were trying to make it over to HOB in time for the Soundcheck.  He said we’d all be racing over there and to drive carefully!  Next was Alex and we said hi and then he and Jason were talking about Lauren’s book.  I teased Alex that it was old – from back when he used to sign his WHOLE name on things.  Apparently this got to him, because wouldn’t you know he signed Lauren’s book with “Alexander”? haha

Next up was Andy who spotted I was wearing my I <3 Hanson tshirt.  He asked me if the concerts had happened already and I said yeah, they were Monday through Friday and he asked me how they were.  I told him great and that the new album would be amazing and he said something about how I would be on the movie screaming at the top of my lungs. LOL  How he knew so much without me having said anything, I don't know.  Pretty sure he's secretly on 😉  Mike and I exchanged hellos and I was ushered back through and waited for Lauren to make her way through the line. We went back to the car and it said it was 102°! CRAZY!  It probably wasn’t that hot outside, but since the car was roasting in the parking spot its temperature rose.  While in line we debated taking the T in or driving straight in to Boston.  I had always taken the T in the past, but since we didn’t have much time we decided to just drive straight in to Boston (eek!) We made it to the HOB about 4pm. More details on that later!

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