Sound on Sound Sunday

Sunday October 1, after months of being nervous over it, I attended Sound on Sound in Bridgeport, CT.  I was out of town during the festival last year, but all the comments on facebook I was reading said that it was absolutely horrible and that worried me a bit for this year.  But John Mayer was headlining, in his hometown, (where we both were born) so I was going to do everything in my power to attend.  I had emailed as soon as it was announced about ADA accommodations and they kept saying that they’d be announced “closer to the show”.  Almost every other festival I’ve attended (though there hasn’t been many as I acknowledge I am not made for them) typically has what they’re going to do laid out when it is announced / before tickets go on sale.  I ended up spending $110 on the closest parking passes, which weren’t even all that close, and the weekend before got confirmation I could park in the ADA lot (I’m curious how much they were charging for that lot as I’m pretty sure I paid too much, but I had to hedge my bets that I’d be as close as possible – especially with the other parking / uber drop off being a 2 mile walk away – something I absolutely would not be able to do!)  Fortunately, waiting to find out if they’d have an ADA Platform only in GA or in VIP as well ended up allowing me to take advantage of a $99 ticket offer for the day for GA tickets when I think they were initially selling for $179.  They ran a LOT of $99 promos so I figured it was not selling as well as they expected – probably due to so many being hesitant that had attended the year before.

We opted to show up a bit after doors opened to try and lessen the lines and the crowds and getting there was pretty smooth.  Of course the accessible entrance was as far away from where we parked as it possibly could be.  But when were able to quickly get our wristbands for access to the ADA platform once we got inside and then went to check it out.  The Friday before we had gotten more rain than the ground could possibly handle (NYC was beyond flooded) and the crew spent half a million dollars adding gravel, hay, and really awful tiles to the ground to cover the mud.  Granted this was probably a whatever they could get last minute – but the “tile” that was on the ground to cover the mud – every single one had a different texture (to trip on) as well as holes in them that my wheels of my walker got stuck in several times.  This was also the only path to get to the ADA platform.  It may have been better than trudging through mud, but not by much.

We watched the tail end of the Gin Blossoms set from the ADA platform and then went to find food.  We also watched Cautious Clay, Margo Price, Mt. Joy, Dispatch and Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals before it was finally time for the acts that we had came for!

Hozier came out and was super adorable with his accent. Through most of his set a drone was going around and a bunch of people were also bouncing beach balls around and he teased that it might be a fun game to try and knock the drone done with the beach balls.  I didn’t see the drone again once he said that so maybe someone was concerned that it might be taken seriously!  He did a 12 song set closing out with his biggest hit, Take Me To Church which obviously got the biggest reception from the crowd and had the most cell phones in the air.  I really enjoyed him and may have to start listening to him more regularly!

Next up was Alanis, whom I had previously seen.  Her intro video appeared to be the same from the last tour I saw her and her set was still predominately Jagged Little Pill songs which was great since that’s really the only album of hers I am super familiar with.  Of course for her, the biggest crowd reactions were for Ironic and You Oughta Know. She paced back and forth across the stage through most of the songs and when she was standing still she was playing with her hands and it was making me very anxious. She also ended up doing a 12 song set.

Then it was time for John! (He told us to call him just John)  He somehow managed to make his stage banter about how every song was somehow about Connecticut. He claimed he wasn’t pandering but I’m not sur I believe him! He commented that the hospital he was born in was “a mile up the road” and while I think it was a bit further than that, you could sense the pride and emotion that he was “home”.  He even told a never before told story about how he got his music education from Bridgeport and when his Dad was principal he would confiscate walkmans and then he and his brothers would check out all the cassettes of the walkmans that weren’t picked back up by the students at the end of the year.  He seemed to fall back a lot on Room for Squares and at one point was feeling a “vibe” with us and swapped out a song for “Why Georgia” and he said it was about how he was in Georgia but not back home in Connecticut.  I was hoping that he’d play No Such Thing early so whoever was there just to hear it would clear out making for less traffic and he did it 3rd. A lot of people also left after he did Your Body is a Wonderland.  He also mentioned that Walt Grace probably was from Groton and worked for Electric Boat and that’s how he decided to make his submarine. (Groton is home to the sub naval base and Electric Boat is one of our companies that makes subs)  A request for 3×5 was done during the encore… and I thought I might have finally been free of a show with Free Fallin’, but nope. It ended up being the final song of the night.

Overall the event was a lot more fun than I was expecting, but not without its challenges mostly due to my disability.  I would consider going again another time, but it sounds like the promoter can’t handle the criticism and is letting a few loud people get to him and doesn’t know if he wants to do it again.

Nashville / Atlanta

Have you ever tried to go on vacation but the Universe tried to injure you *every day*?  That’s what my trip this past weekend ended up being.  I already wrote about the Fire Alarms going off at “Ain’t Too Proud” the musical.  That in and of itself is quite a story – but it just got worse from there.  Read on to find out what happened Friday, Saturday AND Sunday…

Friday night was John Mayer at the Bridgestone Arena.  We opted for “cheap seats” which ended up being quite steep and high up and I was mildly concerned that I wouldn’t be able to leave them (but I am home, so I did) and ended up dealing with a Tornado Watch during the show.  With being so far away, we ended up with the more “casuals” and had 2 or maybe even 3 couples near us who decided the right time to talk about John Mayer was while he was in front of them performing a show.  Can’t you just enjoy it while he’s in front of you and discuss it on the drive home like we did?  So obnoxious…  The Nashville show felt a lot different than Newark. I don’t know if it was because we were further away, if the closer to “hometown” shows for John feel different or if the Nashville crowd was just.. meh.  Appropriately this time, John started with Slow Dancing in a Burning Room.  The first two songs ended up being repeats from Newark, but then he ended up doing Heartbreak Warfare and In The Blood – the latter I was saying I would hope he would do because it had been stuck in my head.  He also threw in another of my favorites, Emoji of a Wave and then went into a medley based on signs of Something Like Olivia, My Stupid Mouth (YESSSS) and Daughters.  I had to laugh when he said he was going to play a brand new song nobody would know – but it was the same new one – Driftin’ – that he debuted in Newark. (I’m not sure he’s thrown anything else new into his sets?)  Then he said that the tour was just him solo but he was going to break that and bring on a special guest – a legend – and welcomed to the stage Sheryl Crow.  They did her song “Strong Enough”.    He also updated his stage banter before Your Body Is A Wonderland from Newark’s “is this song stupid?” and spoke a bit more about the song more sincerely.  I was hoping that we’d be Free Falling Free – but he ended up closing out the encore with it.   When we left the venue, there was an absolute downpour going on and while weren’t so happy about out $54 parking lot right next to the door to the arena, it made for a quick getaway and not getting completely soaked, so maybe it was worth it after all.

The next morning we got up early in an attempt to make it to the Brookhaven Festival in time for Deep Blue Something.  Initially, we were going to make it in plenty of time but unfortunately the traffic had other plans.  After making a pitstop for lunch, my friend says “There’s a person in the road”  I look up and there is a semi-truck in front of us that is stopped and a man walks out from the front of the truck.  He wanders to the left lane and ends up running a couple of cars off the road because they are trying not to hit him or anyone else.  We are in the middle lane and I think that once he made it to the other side of the road he would stop – but no – he ends up coming at our car.  My friend avoids him and we continue on, wondering if we should call the cops but not knowing quite where we were.  We ended up not calling, but hopefully someone did.  We thought we’d se a broken down car a bit further up, but there was nothing and the man did seem out of it but didn’t seem to have any visible injuries so we weren’t really sure what was going on and if he wanted to get hit or if he was trying to get help.

We made it to the festival and found the ADA parking lot that was supposed to be ‘close’.  Entered the festival, walked through the vendor area and 3/4 of a mile later… we made it to the stage.  Deep Blue Something was doing their last song as we were walking their (and from what I could hear, it wasn’t “Breakfast at Tiffanys”)  so we waited for Don McLean, who ended up enjoying the sing a long of American Pie so much, he sang most of it again.  Finishing out the festival was Band of Horses, but we opted to leave a bit early into their set because we wanted to beat the mad rush leaving and also hit up the Harry Potter Exhibition in Atlanta.

The Exhibition had interactive displays where you could win house points, a bunch of photo ops as well as some of the clothing worn during the movies. It was pretty cool, though I have to say that the price of admission seemed to be a bit steep for what it was. But it takes a good hour and a half to two hours to go through and then they have a cute cafe with some themed desserts and of course a gift shop – complete with a penny machine.

When we got to the hotel for the night, completely exhausted, we found that the front desk was swarming with a high school marching band trying to buy snacks.  Of course, I tried to skip the front desk and get a digital key, but they needed to see my ID so we had to wait. Ugh!

The next day it was supposed to be a pretty stormy day so our plans for getting to the festival were up in the air.  With thunderstorms in the morning we opted to sleep in, went to Walmart and picked up rain gear and got to the festival in time to see Lissie.  Or so we thought.  About 3 songs into her set she got cut short because the radar was showing lightning.  We were instructed to take shelter in our cars.  Yes, the one that was 3/4 of a mile away. (And the able bodied attendees, even further, they were being shuttled in)  We ended up snagging umbrellas they were giving away and hunkering down for the storm that rolled through.  Things got back on track with All-4-One taking the stage a bit earlier than scheduled, then The Fray, and finally Hanson!

This was a pretty expected setlist for Hanson as they have their typical “festival” setlist that is single heavy – though we were surprised with the inclusion of “Runaway Run”, and not at all surprised with the inclusion of “Georgia”.  They started the set with Fired Up which we were joking they would because our weekend started with the fire alarms.  And we also got a kick of them singing, “isn’t it hard, standing in the rain”  I mean, yes, sort of… poncho on poncho kind of makes things slippery.

After the show we hit up McDonalds for their bathroom and then made another pistop at Buc-ees! I was glad to pick up a few boxes of their animal crackers that I loved so much when we went last summer, but I couldn’t find any of the overbite chocolates that I had liked 🙁  Oh well, I’m trying to count calories and it would have just complicated things too much for me.

I am happy to report that I had absolutely no flight issues there or back home – direct flights from Nashville to Hartford and back via Southwest.  I guess with everything else going wrong, something HAD to go right for once, right?

John Mayer @ The Prudential Center

“It’s been a long night in New York City… it’s been a long night in Newark too…”

Saturday night John Mayer kicked off his SOLO tour at The Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.  I am not sure I realized I was going to the kick off show when I first bought tickets, but even once I did realize it was going to be the opening night I still didn’t realize just how special it would be.

I had never been to the Prudential Center before. I ended up buying an accessible ticket and parking in the garage that had a bridge to the center (for a whopping $51).  I was pleasantly surprised that once I got inside I was almost at my section! I couldn’t have planned that better if I had tried.

JP Saxe opened the show, I didn’t think I knew anything about him, but then he sang “If the World Was Ending” and I did know that song.  He seemed to like the F-word but otherwise was a nice 30 minute or so set.

As soon as the lights dimmed for John, pretty much everyone was up on their feet.  When he kicked off the show with Slow Dancing in a Burning Room I knew this setlist was going to be pretty bananas, and that it absolutely was.  There were a handful of songs I hoped/thought he would play and I think he hit almost all of them.  I’ll be curious to see how the setlists changes (or not) as the tour progresses.  He had also said that the setlist was just a suggestion and at any time a sign could knock him into a different song entirely.  It seemed like he only ended up adding one song from the printed setlist – Split Screen Sadness.  All I Wans Is To Be With You was on the setlist but was skipped.

“There’s no tour in my entire life I thought about more than this one. There’s not been more times in my life that I have been on this stage in my mind than this one. I have been here before a thousand times. Half of those times it was a BUST.  But I forgot about the fact that you’d be here in your own loving and incredibly enthusiastic way and now I realize that everything’s ok” he said after finishing Queen of California and it seemed to take him a few songs to shake off those first show doing something completely new nerves.  He also mentioned he had talked to his pal Andy Cohen that morning, as he does every morning, and Andy assured him that we knew what we were getting into when we bought the tickets – that it would be him SOLO and that’s what we were expecting.

My favorite part had to be when he played a video of him from 2002 before Room For Squares was taking off and then did Neon and Why Georgia.  He also talked a bit about how he’s not really nostalgic for his songs/work that he’s done (and acknowledged that we are) and that he may not feel the same way as he did when he wrote some of the songs, but the songs are a reminder that at one point he did feel that way.  After he did the ‘deep cut’ Home Life, I’m not sure if he thought it went over very well, because he teased a bit of “On Broadway” and said it was a trick to make people who didn’t dig it forget all about it and defer the applause…  He also started Wonderland – to massive cheers – and then asked if the song was stupid.  But said he was going to sing it sincerely.  Has he not been all these years?!

He played the piano for a few songs – a bit of New Light, You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me and Changing.  At the end of Changing he ended up looping the piano and playing the electric guitar over it and it was pretty amazing. He said it was some of the craziest shit he’s done. He also said he had made a rule that he wouldn’t loop the guitar this tour – but he didn’t say he couldn’t loop  the piano.  He also said he was allowed to break the rule – which he did end up breaking before the show was over.

There was a new song Driftin’ – in the set.  Online chatter seems to be that everyone loves it but I wasn’t that into it.  Of course, maybe hearing it a few more times will change my mind as I’m always a little iffy about new songs the first time I hear them.  He also talked a bit about Why You No Love Me and how he wasn’t going to play that because he didn’t think it worked and wouldn’t it be funny if he DID play it. But he’s not playing it.

When he left at the end of the main set I was hoping he’d do an encore.  The entire place went NUTS.  I’ve never been one to get goosebumps, but I absolutely had them.  I hope John felt it too because he seemed very unsure how him solo was going to go over. And it went over amazingly well.  I’m so glad I’m getting to see another show on this tour in a couple of weeks.

I do kind of wish that the venues were a bit more intimate for this type of show – but the ticket sales and demand seemed to be so crazy he probably did need the larger venues.  I also feel like I cheated listening back to the recording to write this… but if it’s out there might as well use all the resources I can, right?

Concert #500 – John Mayer at TD Garden

I knew that my 500th concert was going to be coming up, but with adding and removing shows from my list I wasn’t exactly sure what was going to shake out to be #500. Turned out with the addition of the “Freestyle 90s” show the night before, John Mayer got the honor of being #500.  For his “Search for Everything” tour he broke up the set into different chapters.  The show kicked off with him doing a full set, then an acoustic set of just him and DRH, the JM Trio made its triumphant return to the stage for Chapter 3, then back to to full band, the encore and the epilogue.  We had a chance to see the setlist that was “version 1” on the side of the stage – he only ended up changing one song. (And Why Georgia was spelled wrong on it, fyi.)

It had been quite some time since I had last seen John and I was really, really pumped for this show and he did not disappoint.  Some other reviews have said that his voice didn’t sound the same, and I didn’t notice it in the moment, but listening back to the show that was posted on, there is a bit of a difference and it did seem like it took him a few songs to get warmed up.  I did also see him spray his throat when he left the stage during the set changes in between the chapters.

I was hoping for more songs from the upcoming album release to be included in the set, but I guess he is holding them out for after the album was released – which I guess makes it a good thing that I am going to see him again in August.  He did play a few of my favorites – Gravity and Vultures

The highlight was probably when he talked to his central nervous system.  As I had gotten no sleep the night before and wasn’t getting any sleep that night either I could totally relate. “Yeah, hi, central nervous system? I owe you… I owe you like a night of sleep. Listen, I’m not going to pay that tonight. What happens if I deal with that tomorrow? Oh, horrible day at work? Got it. Wish that I was dead for 12 hours? Good. Ok.  That’s fine. Please don’t call me… please don’t call me ever again”

He also thanked us all for being “Mayer defenders” at some point in our life and mentioned that he didn’t know that he loved anything to want to sit that far back from it when thanking everyone for buying tickets, even if they weren’t the best seats because they couldn’t have said no and that they’d catch him another time, but they didn’t.



Throwback Thursday: John Mayer August 15, 2004


Headliner: John Mayer
Opener(s): Maroon 5, DJ Logic
Cost: $45


Bigger Than My Body
Why Georgia
Something’s Missing
Only Heart
Trust Myself
Back To You
New Deep
Come Back To Bed
Your Body Is A Wonderland
Inner City Blues
No Such Thing


I got to do a soundcheck party with John Mayer through his fan club for this show. I must have decided to only take photos during this and not during the actual show.  This show was John and Maroon 5 co-headlining which I thought was awesome. I don’t remember much more about it and the pictures didn’t really jog my memory as I had hoped!


John Mayer at Webster Bank Arena

Monday night John Mayer returned to Bridgeport, CT where both he and I were born.  He had played there once before but I had to miss it because I was in college and had a math class that night.  I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect at a hometown show – other than greatness of course.

Phillip Phillips once again opened and his set seemed to be very similar to when we saw him over the summer.  The lady who danced through his whole set in Hartford was there too – still rocking out.

Then it was time for John! He came out and bowed to the crowd. The set started out almost the same as the summer show which was a bit of a disappointment – but I think I kind of hyped things up in my head that it was going to be amazing over the top and so I ended up letting myself down.

He said that he wrote in a speech before almost every song – which was totally ok with me because one of my major complaints from the summer show was that he didn’t talk enough. He talked about how he drove his girlfriend around Fairfield and showed her the house he grew up in and the gas station he used to work at. Talked about how there’s a thin line between pedophile and a guy just going to look at his old house. A lot about being home and how no matter where he goes it will always be home.  He also played his guitar from when he was 19 that he bought here and was told by many that he wouldn’t make it.

Before the acoustic set, the band was getting ready to leave the stage and he called them back and said that they were going to jam to one more song and that we could handle it and they did Tom Petty’s You Don’t Know How It Feels.

For nearly the whole show the girls next to me were chanting “Katy, Katy” after every song. (Of course I pretended they were chanting for me) rumors were swirling that she was in town (and I guess she was since John said he was driving her around) and that she was going to join him for Who You Love. They must have sound checked it because a few of the people who work there had mentioned that she was going to sing with him. There was nothing I wanted less than for her to perform with him. (Well I also didn’t want to pay $15 for parking – and turns out it was $20!) I guess I was in the minority. But she never did show up on stage.

I LOVED the encore – he did Please Come Home For Christmas (I’m all about songs that you probably won’t hear otherwise… even more so if it’s a Christmas song) and my favorite – Gravity.  And then the lights went on and everyone complained (except me) that Katy didn’t show up.  There were people actually really, really pissed over it as we were walking to the car saying it was bad promotion for the single that she didn’t perform with him. (Except they were going to be debuting it on National Television the next morning so I am pretty sure that is even better promotion, no?)

I do wish that there were more older songs thrown in the set but it was better than the summer show which was probably my least favorite show of his that I had seen. But I think that John is changing and is more into the newer stuff than the older stuff, which is to be expected, but I’m more looking for the nostalgia of older stuff. But he said he was going to play his ass off for us and I would say that he did.

Queen Of California >
Lay Down Sally
Half Of My Heart
I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)
Why Georgia
Who Says
Something Like Olivia
Slow Dancing In A Burning Room
You Don’t Know How It Feels
Stop This Train [Acoustic] >
Homeward Bound [Tease] >
Your Body Is A Wonderland [Acoustic]
Waitin’ On The Day
The Age Of Worry
Waiting On The World To Change
Dear Marie
Please Come Home For Christmas >
Auld Lang Syne [Tease]
Gravity >
Dreams To Remember [Tease]

John Mayer at the Comcast Theater August 16

Mayer is Back!!! For those of you not in the know – John had to take some time off because he had a granuloma on his vocal chord that needed to be dealt with.  When he thought that he was ready to come back he scheduled a tour (to which I had tickets for 2 dates) and then had to cancel it because he was still having trouble and had to have more surgery.  There were no guarantees that he would come back from the surgery so the fact that he has been doing this tour and has a new album coming out on the 20th is amazing news.

I was beyond excited for this show. I had been looking forward to it for months.  But I tried not to hype it up too much because there was always a chance that he wasn’t going to be the same.  I had checked out some setlists and picked out some songs that I was hoping I’d hear based on what he seemed to be playing (a good mix though, it seemed) and he did do just about all that I was hoping for. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Opening for the evening was American Idol winner Phillip Phillips. Now, normally I am beyond excited to see Idol contestants but I am *so over* Phillip Phillips.  I’m glad he’s doing well but his songs are just so, so overplayed.  His first song – I don’t know what it was, but it surely sounded like Dave Matthews to me.  Then he did Gone second which I guess was cool.  Get it out of the way early.  When I was just about to tweet that I was still over him, he did a pretty cool cover of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  He ended the set with what seemed like a 10 minute rendition of Home. I loooved that song so much at first. Then Top 40 radio got their hands on it.  Overall he seemed to have small pockets of the crowd incredibly entertained and dancing and like other Idol winners in the past, he has cornered the cougar market quite well for himself.

Then it was FINALLY time for John!  Behind the band were these HUGE rocks.  The sheet covering them was getting all hung up on it when the roadies were trying to take it off.  John kicked off the evening with Queen of California – and he was back!  He sounded just about the same to me and of course there was no difference in his playing.  He went into a cover of Lay Down Sally next and then Paper Doll – which was followed up by Half of My Heart which I thought was interesting since he did Half of My Heart with Taylor Swift and Paper Doll is supposedly about her.  Was that some sort of secret clue? Or am I reading too far into things? ha.

There was a definite mixture throughout the rest of the show and at times he completely seemed to lose EVERYONE.  Usually I am the only one sitting to take a break but 3-4 times throughout the night I sat and then everyone in front of me did too and I could still see perfectly from my seat.  Great for me, kind of weird for John I guess though.  I got super excited about 2 notes in when I realized he was playing Vultures.  He followed that up with an acoustic set where everything was black behind him and he did Tom Petty’s Free Fallin’.  Then he said he’d do songs from signs and did 83 (or I think he said he’d do as much of it as he could, which was the majority of the song) and then he went in to Your Body is a Wonderland! I know he doesn’t do this one all the time but obviously I was very much looking forward to that one.

After they came back – it looked like the rocks were gone.  I asked my friend and she said no they were real but I thought they now looked fake. Then they zoomed out on the screen so I guess they snuck the rocks out while we weren’t paying attention during the acoustic set.  Waiting on the Day was a new song that he did based on a sign that a kid a couple rows in front of me was holding up.  The kid was super, super excited about that.  During Goin’ Down the Road Feeling Bad I got excited because “my car” was in the video montage of the highway for a couple of seconds!

For the encore he came back and did Gravity – which was another that I absolutely wanted to hear.  He ended up playing I think roughly 9:15 to 11:45. I obviously could have stayed there all night, but you know he has a whole rest of the tour to do 😉  At the end they had “credits” for the production which was pretty neat with who did what for the tour.

Then the lights came on and another exciting night had come and gone.  The only thing I will say I miss was that he seemed to cut back a bit on his joking/banter.  When he did talk, it was a lot of thank you for sticking around which was to be expected. And to be honest I didn’t even realize that it was “missing” until we listened to the recording of the show that we went to in 2010 and started comparing.  I’m not holding it against him at all but I figured it was worth noting.

Also worth noting – if you come to a concert and are proclaiming yourself “a huge John Mayer fan” PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not talk throughout his whole set defending WHY you are a huge fan and what CDs of his you have and what songs you want him to play.  This conversation is much better left for in between the opener and John or on the ride to the show or before the show even started or hell, even on the way home you can discuss what you wanted to hear and didn’t.  But not during John and so loudly that it is all the people around you will hear.  I understand you also called yourself a huge douchebag – but you didn’t also need to prove WHY.  We get that you’re a John fan because if not, well, you probably wouldn’t be at the show. So hush up and take it all in.

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John Mayer Cancels Spring Tour

I’ll tell you this is definitely not what I wanted to read this afternoon:

Seven-time Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter and musician John Mayer has canceled his recently announced U.S. tour and will take an indefinite hiatus from live performing due to the return of the granuloma in his throat. Mayer was treated for the same condition and placed on extensive vocal reast in 2011. The 18-city tour was to be his first in the United States in two years.

I had tickets to 2 of his shows – in Providence, RI and Wallingford, CT for next month and I was very much so looking forward to his returning to the stage and the release of Born & Raised which will be coming out still as scheduled May 22.  As upset as I am, I can not even begin to imagine how upset John is and I wish him a quick recovery (though not too quick) and am looking forward to seeing him live again whenever that might be.  At least I will have the new album with new material to hold me over for a while.

Now I just hope that the refund process goes relatively painlessly. (Ideally, I’d like to be able to keep the tickets that came in the mail just 2 days ago, but  we’ll see what the theaters process is for refunds and if they’d need to be sent back or not.)

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