This project actually started out as something different in my head and I’m not sure that I could have planned it to go better than it did.  My plan was to create a Hanson symbol out of stencil/thin plastic material and then use my spray inks to make a sort of tie dye / splash red and blue color scheme for the Alive @ Five concert page I was putting together.  I decided the spray ink would make too much of a mess inside and was too lazy to bring the supplies outside so instead I used ink.  I made the green one first for the Hop Jam (although I’m not sure it actually ended being used for photos from the Hop Jam!) and then the red and blue one for Alive @ Five.  Although it came out so cool I almost just wanted to hang it on my wall and not use it as a scrapbook page at all!  This actually made me think of a couple of other projects to do related to this stencil so we will see what happens with that – will it work out and become a future blog post?

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