Music Monday: Gavin DeGraw Something Worth Saving


She Sets the City on Fire
You Make My Heart Sing Louder
Kite Like Girl
Making Love With The Radio On
Harder To Believe
Say I Am
How Lucky Can A Man Get
New Love
Something Worth Saving

Something Worth Saving is the latest release from Gavin DeGraw.  The album is relatively short, coming in with only 10 songs and 36 minutes long, but it is a very solid 10 tracks.  There aren’t any that I dislike and I absolutely fell in love with “Kite Like Girl” and “Annalee”  after the first listen.  I wish that Gavin was coming closer on his latest tour so I could check him out because while his albums are great, his live show really gives you the true feel for the songs and while I do love this album I can just imagine how much more it would come alive live!

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