This week I probably should have done 2 separate posts since it was narrowing down 14 to 10 and then the top 10 performed but oh well. It’s my blog and I’ll write/schedule how I want to.

Wednesday night we found out that 4 of the contestants would get a “fast pass” to the Top 10.   Quickly, I tried to pick who my 4 would have been – and got Avalon, Trent and La Porsha picked… when Dalton made it through. “YAY! He’s my favorite but I forgot about him” I said.  My Mom who was watching with me had to laugh.  I had 3/4 (if you count that I would have picked Dalton if I hadn’t forgotten about him) right.


We got 10 performances from the remaining Idols but only 6 of them would be making it through to the Top 10. The final Top 10.l (So sad.)

I kind of phoned in my critiques so I won’t bother writing about everyone… But in brief-  I didn’t think Manny’s performance was strong enough and thought that he might be going home, I didn’t like Gianna and wanted her to go home, I wasn’t a fan of Thomas’ hiccups and thought he might be in danger of going home. I wanted Jenn and her crazy eyebrows to go home and was so over Jeneve.  MacKenzie won me over (again) because I liked him on The Voice but didn’t like that he’s now on Idol.  I guess I’m over that, or maybe I’ll bring it up every week.  We’ll see!

In the commercial break we got to see the Progressive Boy Band commercial which I loooove and laughed so hard after watching it the first time.

My picks to go home were: Gianna, Jenn, Jeneve, and Manny or Thomas.

Of course America seems to like “my mommy got me this far” Gianna, so she made it through but my other 4 all went home.


Tristan, Sonika, Gianna, MacKenzie, Avalon and Lee all join the Top 10.



Thursday night it was time for the Top 10 to perform.  Again I kind of phoned it in on my critiques –


Olivia – Unconditionally – Im torn on if I like her or not, I did earlier, but was surprised she fast passed to the top 10. I think she’ll be sticking around and I hope she will grow on me

Gianna – Listen – I dont think shes that good. Do I sound like a broken record yet?

Lee – Skinny love – Like Lee.. didn’t like this song choice

Avalon  – Stitches – love this song. liked this performance

Dalton – hey there delilah  – this is a weird song choice. sing more nsync.

Tristan – Nothin’ Like You – Dont know the original but didnt really like this

Mackenzie – I See Fire – would have liked something more up beat… the boys are putting me to sleep tonight!

LaPorsha – diamond – love her. so good. soo good.

Sonika – bring me to life – again with the breathing… someone has to help her with that. Tough going on after laporsha but that was really good

Trent – like i can  – probably my least fave performance from him…

going home… gianna (haha), more likely tristan

I loved that Kelly Clarkson was back to be a judge.  She is just the best.  Her performance of Piece By Piece was pretty amazing as well.  I also predicted a Dalton / MacKenzie finale with LaPorsha having a shocking Jennifer Hudson-esque elimination.  Probably way too soon to tell and I’ll probably change my mind 100 more times before we reach the finale…






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