American Idol: Top 5


I couldn’t watch this weeks episode “live” because I was at the Experience Hendrix concert (more on that tomorrow.)  When I got home I quickly watched Adam’s performance and fast forwarded to see who went home. Finally my prediction / wish came true and Tristan went home.

Song #1 –

Trent – Counting Stars – Not sure about this song choice for him. I didn’t like it at all.

Dalton – Numb – another poor song choice. America picked these? America, you’re fired! I also really don’t like Linkin Park… at all.

LaPorsha – Ready For Love – Oh so she gets a good song pick? I see how it is.

MacKenzie – Wild World – Another questionable song choice and performance I was not digging. So glad they all get a second song!

Bottom 2 –  Since they had 2 songs performed they get to choose which one they want to sing to try for the judges save.

Tristan – Independence Day – This performance fell flat for me. No surprise she’s my pick to go home.

Sonika – Let It Go – So sick of this song but her performance was pretty good.

Song #2

Dalton – The Sound of Silence – Much better than song #1!

(Didn’t they just use the final save? Why did Harry say it hasn’t happened yet tonight?)

MacKenzie – Billie Jean – Hard to do this one after David Cook’s rendition… Definitely not the best I’d ever seen. (Biased?)

Trent – Simple Man – Liked this one way better than his first. So, so glad they had song #2.

Sonika – Clarity – I thought her other performance was better, but she was singing for her life then.

LaPorsha – No More Drama – Oh another perfect song choice for LaPorsha – and the pimp spot? I still don’t think she’ll be making it to the finale.

I think Sonika will be going home next. Too much time spent in the bottom.  But then it will be hard to pick who goes next from the 4 left.


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