Throwback Thursday: Hanson 9/21/07

Headliner: Hanson
Opener(s): Locksley
Venue: North Fork Theater Westbury, NY
Cost: $60


Great Divide
Cant Stop
Been There Before
Every Word I Say
Crazy Beautiful
Hole In My Life
On The Rocks
Strong Enough To Break
Blue Sky
If Only
Minute Without You
Penny and Me
Running Man
Let Love Rule
Lost Without Each Other

Something Going Round


This show was at a venue that is typically “in the round” but Hanson sold only half house so they wouldn’t have to spin.  I remember we showed up late because it was seated and one of the Locksley guys came by and said hello to me in the lobby and my friends were all “who was that!?” and I was like “oh just the guy from the opening act”, I guess since it was my 3rd show and I was front row the previous 2 he recognized me! (And it ended up becoming a bit of teasing when we heard rumors that this particular opening act member was hooking up with Hanson fans after each show!)  After the show we waited by the bus, I got a photo with Isaac. Marisa managed to get all 3 guys to write out a bit of lyrics because she was considering a tattoo.  I think Isaac ended up saying he couldn’t because of copyright infringement or some nonsense – which was “funny” because Zac and Taylor had already written it out for her without any issue.

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