Renegade Runaway
Dirty Laundry
Church Bells
Smoke Break
Choctaw County Affair
Like I’ll Never Love You Again
The Girl You Think I Am
What I Never Knew I Always Wanted
Heartbeat (Stripped)
Little Girl Don’t Grow Up Too Fast

Storyteller is the fifth studio album from American Idol winner Carrie Underwood. It was released in October of 2015. This album comes across as more “country” than some of her other tracks, at least to me.  The album has been doing really well on the charts and got Carrie some records – She is the only country artist in history to have all of her studio albums debut at number 1 or 2! She is also the only artist to score six consecutive number one albums on the Top Country Albums chart.

The album kicks off with a great track – Renegade Runaway and the others all follow suit.  I think that my favorite tracks are Renegade Runaway and surprisingly enough, Choctaw County Affair which is probably one of the more ‘country’ tracks on the album… There have been 2 singles released off the album so far, Smoke Break, which I’m not really all that fond of and Heartbeat which is featured on the album with 2 different versions – one as a bonus track.