Headliner: SK6ers
Opener(s): Chad Perrone
Venue: Tupelo Music Hall  New Hampshire
Cost: $20

Blue Jean
Pedal Steel
Wagon Wheel
Anthem Of Our Discovery
Such a Way
My Sweet Charade
Uninspired Gambling
Cradle of Family
Fat Bottomed Girls
Start the Day Early
Now I’m Not So Lost
See You Later, See You Soon
It’s Only That I Miss You
Time of My Life

Recap:  Ah the college days. We roadtripped to New Hampshire I believe after Thanksgiving to see SK6ers. There were 4 of us. It was a lot of fun. Especially going up to NH (Red Sox country) in my friend Jen’s Dad’s Jeep COVERED in Yankees stickers!  Goose’s nephew was at this show and was hilarious, someone had a cut out of Goose and he walked up to it and said “HI UNCLE KEITH!” and we still quote that all the time!  I don’t remember much of the show itself… I guess that’s what happens trying to think back almost 10 years. I’m old!

I also can’t seem to find any photos from this show which seems very odd.

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