Headliner: Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers
Opener(s): Jer Coons, Zox
Venue: Arch St.
Cost: $12


Wagon Wheel
Anthem Of Our Discovery
See You Later, See You Soon
Now I’m Not So Lost
Fat Bottomed Girls
Start the Day Early
Such a Way
Uninspired Gambling


If I am remembering correctly, this was at a Teen Center.  The first opener reminded me of Zac Hanson and the girls I was with who were also Hanson fans, thought that I was nuts, but we all had to crack up when he started singing MMMBop! We started up at the balcony and finished the night in the front row due to so many parents coming to pick up their kids. Soucy was talking to us after the show about how he could see the parents show up and text their kids and the kids leave the crowd.  Definitely interesting!

I must have had photos from this show but they seem to be missing!

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