I am always looking for a comfortable pair of headphones that will block out the background noise that my coworkers make while I am at work.  The Sound Intone I68 Headphones meet some of my requirements, but not all.

These headphones have High 40mm energy drivers that deliver powerful bass and clear treble. They are lightweight and foldable as well as adjustable.  While they do have pressure-relieving ear pads for long-wear comfort I found it hard to keep them on for longer than about 30 minutes without giving my ears a “break” by taking them off for a few minutes.  I wish I could keep them on for the majority of the work day (or even through an entire album). If I could, these would be the perfect pair because they did a great job blocking out even the loudest of my coworkers.

You can also control your music with a volume control right on the cord.  The cod is 47.25 inches with a straight shaped stereo mini plug to connect to your device. I found the cord to be a great length – my other pair of headphones I had been using previously did not have a cord long enough to reach comfortably from my computer to my ears without me shifting myself closer to the computer

I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for writing this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

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