While I have been having a lot of fun with my Instax Mini 8 camera since I got it last year, I have been checking out accessories and debating what I wanted to get next.  I had decided I needed to try out the selflie mirror, but then I was contacted by Hellohelio to receive a bundle package at a discount in exchange for a review and was super excited because it contained not only the selfie mirror but a bunch of other great accessories too!

The set comes in different colors – Blue, Pink, Red and Brown.  I chose the Blue kit since my Instax camera is blue and wanted everything to match. This is what is included in the kit as well as my thoughts on each item.  Unfortunately I am out of film, but I have ordered more for my trip coming up and will be taking some of these items along to try out with film 🙂

Case Protector – This case is nice. It is synthetic leather and you don’t have to take the camera out of it in order to take a photo, just flip the front flap away.  Another great feature is that you can see how many exposures you have remaining at the back of the case without taking the camera out, so you really only need to take it out of the case to refill it.  It comes with straps so you can easily wear it and matches the color of the camera too.

Self-portrait mirror – This clips right on to the front lens and has a mirror off to the side so you can make sure that you (and friends) are all in frame before snapping the picture and waiting for it to show up on the film.  It clips on really easily and clips off just as easily but stays put great for use.

Colorful Close-Up Lens –  I have not really gotten a chance to truly try these out, but they allow you to focus as close as 40-60cm from an object and take colorful vintage photos in the color of the lens. I really cannot wait to try these out.

Decor Border Stickers – No need to worry about buying fancy film – by the regular kind that is usually a bit cheaper but make it fancy by adding these sticker borders to the photos!  I especially like these because you can choose the color after you see what the picture is of so you can choose something complimentary rather than hoping that whatever comes out of the pack will look good with the subject of the photo.

Book style mini book album – I love this! It holds 64 photos in clear pockets.  Great for storing the photos as you take them on vacation before they make it in to a scrapbook (in my case) or just to use as a photo album to share the photos with friends.

Photo Frame – These are really cool as well. These are plastic and fit the Mini 8 film perfectly, you can then pop out the back on the frame to make them stand up on your desk or add a magnet to the back and add them to the fridge to display.

Wall decor hanging frame – It’s kind of funny this came in the package since I have just bought a larger scale version of this for larger photos, so obviously I like the idea of it.  This comes with some rope and frames that the photos fit in that you can string anywhere to show off some of your latest shots, or great to give as a gift with some photos of your friend or grand kids for grandparents, etc.

Best of all – this all comes in one great box so you can easily give it as a gift and store everything together when not in use!

I received this product at a discount in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

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