As you may have seen one of my latest obsessions is with “adult” coloring books.  I’ve been using colored pencils to color for a while, but even though I have some awesome sharpeners, needing to sharpen your pencils in between coloring has gotten to be a bit boring.  So I moved on to trying out some colored PENS instead! AmazaPens sent me a discounted set of 24 pens to give a go in my next attempt at coloring.  These pens feature ultra-fine tips and bold, vivid inks so they are ideal for detailed work and bonus! they also work for writing out setlists for my scrapbook too!  These pens are a sophisticated step up from the pens you may be used to, allowing you to produce crisp, colorful drawings with ease and precision.  I am not on to “stay in the lines” simply because sometimes my hand-eye coordination does not allow for it and other times because I don’t have the patience to try to.  With these pens having such small tips, it is easy for me to stay in the lines even on the smallest butterfly wings.  These pens also have an ergonomic design, so they are not rounded like your usual pens.  In addition to letting you use them for hours without your hand aching, I also found it made it harder for them to roll off a desk that might not be perfectly flat.  They also come in their own carrying case that mimics the shape of the pens which I thought was a great touch!

Each set comes in a handy storage / carry case. Makes the perfect gift for kids & adults alike!
• 24 assorted brilliant colors
• Pure, water-based inks
• Ultra-fine tip; ideal for detailed work
• Pens fit into a Spirograph
• Ink won’t bleed, spot or smear
• Smooth, fluid ink distribution
• Ergonomically styled body
• Snug-fitting caps
• Handy carry/storage case included
• For work & play
• For adults & children of all ages

I received this product at a discount in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

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