I have joined several groups on Facebook lately and noticed that there are far too many people who post something like “Following!”, “F” or “.” to get notifications on a post.  This has been annoying me because it makes the person who posted think that they got an answer to their question or make someone who has the same question think that there is an answer when there isn’t! There is a super easy way to “follow” the post without making a comment.

In the right corner, there is a little down arrow. If you click it, one of the options is “Turn on Notifications” click this and you will get notified on every response to this question. (And unfortunately every “FOLLOWING!” as well.)

Once you get the answer you need you can go back and follow the same steps and hit “Turn off notifications” to no longer get these replies.

This works on the Facebook website and on my mobile Android Facebook app as well. (I imagine that iPhones have the same option)

The same process can also be used in threads where you answer a question and don’t care to get all the other replies. Just “turn off notifications” and you won’t get notifications of everyone else who answers the same question below you.



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