After hiding out in China to miss out on the rain, we made it to a covered area near the America Pavilion to wait things out again. We decided not to wait in line and once again for the first show see what would happen.  Well, the sky kept getting darker and darker and then an announcement came that the first show was going to be canceled because there was lightning in the area.

The second and third shows were scheduled to go on – and they did.

For the second show it started raining – but fortunately the handicapped area and rows in front of it are under an overhang, so we were OK.  By the end of the show – the middle of the overhang was majorly leaking though!

Show 1, err 2, errr I don’t know… had a setlist of

Where’s the Love
Waiting for This
This Time Around
Watch Over Me
Get The Girl Back
If Only

We had the Chase wristbands for the last show of the night and figured we’d end up with the prime handicapped spot right up front. Unfortunately, when I scooted my way up there, I was told that they can only accommodate wheelchairs up there and not ECVs! (Except I was in the same spot on the other side the night before and no one said anything to me?)  So I backed up and still ended up in one of the 4 prime spots – but it would have been nice to actually be able to use the wristband to be a little bit closer!

The setlist for the final show – in the pouring rain – was

You Can’t Stop Us
Tragic Symphony
Thinking Bout Somethin
Been There Before
Minute Without You
Get The Girl Back
Already Home
Long Way To The Top

We had to pick up our bottle of MMMHops at the front of the park (you can’t carry alcohol around in the park with you so it has to be shipped to the front of the park for pick up when you leave) and so did 98 other Hanson fans and EVERY other park goer who had bought alcohol…. Meanwhile everyone leaving EPCOT decided to just cut through the line instead of go around which caused all sorts of drama (Tired, wet, cranky people are not a good mix)

So once again we skipped out on Illuminations and headed back to the hotel as we had a pretty early time to pick up the bus to take us back to the airport 🙁


Overall we had a great time but it would have been nice if there was no RAIN.  (We figured there would be a quick shower every day – as “that’s Florida” but this constant rain all night was not what we were expecting and even my friends who live in FL say that it was very abnormal to be happening!)


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