A lot of people have asked me how I can stay organized when blogging with what posts are to be posted when, etc.  The truth is, I probably would be better off if I was even more organized, but this is what I do…

On my desk in my bedroom I map out all of my blog posts – Music Monday, Try It Tuesday, Whatever Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, Book Nook Friday, Scrapbook Saturday, Sunday Post on one of those desk sized calendars.  There I can easily see if I have a book review that needs to be posted in December how many days have 4 books already how many don’t, etc so I don’t go over my self imposed quota.  Yes, a lot of times  things are scribbled out and moved around, but once it is finally written I cross a single line through it.  (If it has been moved, then it’s a swirly line so I don’t get them confused.)

Then, I have a notebook where I write, usually in date order, what book reviews I have in column 1.  Column 2 is all other blog related posts to be written (product reviews, book reviews, etc) and then the third column is “everything else” – craft to work on, things in my room to clean, fix, etc.

Now – this list sometimes takes up an entire page of paper and can sometimes be overwhelming.  So I’ve decided to break it down each weekend in to a “tiny to do list”.  This is written on a smaller piece of paper and I break down what I theoretically thing I can get done over the weekend.  (Typically I put 3 books though usually I don’t end up reading that many) and other time sensitive posts that may need to be read.  Then, I am not completely overwhelmed by the huge list in the notebook.

So far, this has been working pretty well with only 1 or 2 items being left.  I do try to get to those during the week to start fresh with a new to do list the next weekend, but that doesn’t always happen and sometimes things get carried over!

But there’s my “trick”. Tiny to do lists!



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