toxicMany people are struggling in a Toxic Workplace.  For whatever reason, they may not be able to get out and get a new job – unable to relocate, no prospects, etc.  This book gives survival strategies for helping you cope with the environment.  What I found to be the most profound was “Face Your Fears”, certainly something we all are afraid of doing (that’s why they are called fears) but if you face them you just may take that leap you need to move to a new location or take a new job doing something different that you weren’t sure if you’d excel at or not. The other important strategy was to “Stay Positive”, it’s often easier said than done but going on interviews for a new job when you are bitter about your current job may not give off the best vibe. Stay positive about everything and it will hopefully rub off and you can move your life in a new, better direction!

If you think you may be in a toxic workplace, definitely check out this book.  There are questions for discussion at the end of each chapter which will definitely get you thinking and hopefully you’ll end up with the confidence and survival skills you need to get out while you still can!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review.  I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Toxic organizations are rife with conflict, fear and anger. The environment causes people to have physiological responses as if they’re in a fight-or-flight situation. Healthy people become ill. Colds, flu and stress-related illnesses such as heart attacks are more common. By contrast, in resonant organizations, people take fewer sick days and turnover is low. People smile, make jokes, talk openly and help one another.” – Annie McKee (author, consultant)

Many employees experience the reality of bulling bosses, poisonous people, and soul-crushing cultures on a daily basis. Rising Above a Toxic Workplace tells authentic stories from today’s workers who share how they cope, change-or quit. Candidly they open up about what they learned, what they wish they had done, and how to gain resilience. Insightfully illustrating from these accounts, authors Gary Chapman, Paul White, and Harold Myra blend their combined experiences in ministry and business to deliver hope and practical guidance to those who find themselves in an unhealthy work environment. Includes a Survival Guide and Toolkit full of strategies and realistic insights.

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