These cloth elastic hair ties (I’m not sure the proper name) are very popular right now and very expensive! I bought a set to try them out and while I like how delicate they are on my hair, I really need one to twist around my hair 3 times and the ones in the store only go 2.5 times so they are always falling out.  The cure to this problem? Make my own so that they are the right length!

I purchased a set of 6 ribbons from either or  Unfortunately I can’t remember how much it was now – but I am sure that it was much cheaper than buying a set of 3 or 4 at the store!

I checked a few tutorials online and most recommended cutting the ribbon from 8-10 inches.  I started with 10 inches to see how that worked in my hair and it was perfect! And the tie also fit around my wrist perfectly as well.

Honestly making these could not be easier. (Except for the part I seemed to forget about when folded that the two ends should be cut in the same direction. Oops! If I was making these to sell then I’d have cared more but since they’re just for me, I’m not too concerned and I did catch myself on it about halfway through!)


These are all the ribbons that I had bought. 6 of them.


Measuring out the first one to see if 10 inches was a good length


And here it is! (And I did the ends right on this one!)


Fold it in half…


And tie a knot at the end!


I also wanted to check out if it would fit around my wrist comfortably and it does!


This is a trick I picked up about halfway through. If you want to make sure everything is cut the same way fold it in half at the zero and go to the 5 (half of 10) and then cut!


All of my cut pieces. You mean I have to tie all these knots?

DSC06669And the final product! This should last me a while.

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