I’ve always wanted to try a 3D puzzle and decided that I’d give building the London Tower Bridge a try  The instructions are in pictures only with number pieces and the pieces you pop out are numbered as well (but a couple of times the numbers were swapped so make sure you’re paying attention to how things look too!)  It took me roughly 5 hours to build the whole tower and it’s still not even done because when I try to pop one final piece in the whole thing pops out in a different section.  It has been sitting in this half finished state for a while now because it is too frustrating for me to actually figure out how it all should go together and NOT have pieces pop.  Overall it was pretty easy to make – aside from the last steps not working out so well for me.  Some of the pieces are delicate though so be careful when popping them off the pages or folding them to fit into the holes. (Oh and remember to punch out all the holes before you start putting things together. I might speak from experience)

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