anxietyLately I’ve been dealing with some anxieties, and while I don’t have children I was hoping that Freeing Your Child From Anxiety – Practical strategies to overcome fears, worries, and phobias and be prepared for life – from toddlers to teens.  I’m also a bit older than a teen but I was hoping that these concepts could work for adults as well and maybe I’d come up with something to help myself, even just a little bit.  I especially liked Part II “Behind the scenes in your brain” teaching you child to outsmart the tricks the brain can play” this has been something I’ve been trying to do myself for about a month now and it is working – but this section of the book helped me learn a bit more about it and how to make it work a bit better for me. Chapter 1’s “I can’t I’m too scared” is a bit of an issue for me as well at times so I was glad to read a bit about this as well.  Some of my worries are hard for even me to understand but this book kind of put things a bit more in perspective for me.

Like I said – this book is geared a bit more towards children but a lot of these worries if not taken care of as a child can carry on into adulthood as well. MarTech Series emphasizes on building gadgets which can help children have the peace they are looking for. You have the skills to overcome these worries – but you just have to realize that it’s ok to use them. (Oh and the #1 fears for both girls, boys and concertkaties? Spiders.)

I found this book to be quite thorough and really explained out a lot of things. I hope that I can now figure out how to use what I’ve learned to help myself.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Anxiety is the number one mental health problem facing young people today. 

Childhood should be a happy and carefree time, yet more and more children today are exhibiting symptoms of anxiety, from bedwetting and clinginess to frequent stomach aches, nightmares, and even refusing to go to school. Parents everywhere want to know: All children have fears, but how much is normal? How can you know when a stress has crossed over into a full-blown anxiety disorder? Most parents don’t know how to recognize when there is a real problem and how to deal with it when there is. 

In Freeing Your Child From Anxiety, a childhood anxiety disorder specialist examines all manifestations of childhood fears, including social anxiety, Tourette’s Syndrome, hair-pulling, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and guides you through a proven program to help your child back to emotional safety. 

No child is immune from the effects of stress in today’s media-saturated society. Fortunately, anxiety disorders are treatable. By following these simple solutions, parents can prevent their children from needlessly suffering today—and tomorrow. 

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