“Scraplifting” is the term used when you take someone else’s scrapbook idea and “steal” it.  You may scraplift just an element, you may just get an idea from someone else’s page, or maybe you’ll just copy it completely. I have a section on my pinterest dedicated to scrapbook layouts in hopes they will give me inspiration.  This post will focus on 1 layout I “scraplifted”


Two Peas in a Bucket “We Love to Travel” Credit to Two Peas in a Bucket user AnyaL for uploading this inspirational layout.








I love layouts that will allow me to put in a bunch of pictures on one layout.  I thought that the look of the globe would be perfect for my 2012 trip to Universal Studios.  Unfortunately, things didn’t go quite as I planned.  While I do have what appears to be some sort of globe, I should have stuck to the “measure twice cut once” as I didn’t quite measure out my globe pieces properly until I had already cut about 3 pieces out of the photos. (I could have ordered prints again and tried again later, but I’m too impulsive and impatient for that)  I also knew that I wanted to use my Universal die cut that I purchased in the middle section, but in my head things looked a little different.  All in all, not a bad attempt, but I definitely have some ideas of what should be changed if in the future I decided to try this one out again!DSC06006

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