Throwback Thursday – Christina Aguilera 2000

Headliner: Christina Aguilera
Opener(s): Sygnature, soulDecision, Destiny’s Child
Cost: $50

Genie in a Bottle
Somebody’s Somebody
So Emotional
Ven Comigo
I Turn To You
At Last
Contigo En La Distancia
All Right Now
Love For All Seasons
When You Put Your Hands On Me
Come On Over
What A Girl Wants



Before the show we stole a giant Christina banner off of one of the fences. Somehow I folded it up super tiny and it was on my wall for quite some time.  (I still have it too)  I can’t remember much about the first opening act, Sygnature.  I did love soulDecision (still do) and we walked by when their lead singer was getting in to a car after the show.  Destiny’s Child was pretty good from what I remember and Christina had a great set.

Where Are They Now:

Sygnature has no wikipedia page, surprise, surprise.

soulDecision disbanded in 2005 after releasing an additional CD and lead singer Trevor has gone solo

Destiny’s Child has disbanded with Beyonce heading off into a successful solo career

Christina Aguilera has been a coach on The Voice for several seasons and is going to be having her 2nd child soon.

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