There ain’t no party quite like an iHeart Radio party! I know this, because last year I went to the music festival village at the lot in Las Vegas.  This year I unfortunately won’t be making it to any of the shows in person – but fortunately the CW Network has brought the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party to me and aired it last night!  The pool party was in Miami, FL and took over the Fontainbleu Resort’s famous pool.

The great thing about iHeartRadio is that their shows and parties always seem to involve artists from all different genres of music – yet somehow it works!  The pool party kicked off with a set from Lil Jon – where he started with the popular song “Get Low” and then went in to “Turn Down For What”, I have to say – this song has been EVERYWHERE lately and I’m kind of sick of it! Everyone else seems to love it though and Lil John is sure putting on a show!

The party is hosted by Nick Cannon – how many jobs does this guy have? Wow! I remember once we had the chance to meet Nick and didn’t take it several years ago.  Who knew then what he would have become now?

Iggy Azalea was up next with her single “Fancy”, if you ask me if I like her I’ll probably say no – but I’ll let you in on a little secret – more often than not I have her song stuck in my head… Such an earworm! So catchy. who dat who dat i-g-g-y…

Speaking of super catchy songs that are always stuck in my head… next up performing was Ariana Grande with “Problem”, when “Fancy” isn’t stuck in my head, “Problem” usually is!  I got the chance to see Ariana live a couple of years ago – but would love to catch her again! She is such a great singer and performer and just always seems to be having so much fun!  I’m kind of jealous that the people at this pool party got to see the performance with Iggy too!

Next up is Neon Trees’ Tyler &  Tiesto! I’ve actually somehow never managed to hear this song “Red Lights” before. Not sure how that happened?  This is catchy though and I like it! I’ve seen Neon Trees before but would love to see them again – if only to see what kind of fun outfit Tyler is wearing! Tonight he has on blue slacks and a printed top with all sorts of fun colors.

Ariana is back now to perform “The Way”,this song reminds me so much of Mariah Carey!

Neon Trees was up next – Tyler changed so that made me happy – got to see another outfit! They did their popular single – Animal.

Nick Cannon hits the stage to perform his new single that is with Pitbull.  Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Pitbull is there though. If there’s anyone I’d love to see live, it’s Pitbull. (I’ve seen Nick on the All That tour several years ago!)  Nick’s outfit is making me think of old school LL Cool J.

Next up is Magic! who has a super catchy song “Rude” that is currently on the radio that I am absolutely loving. It’s a bit of reggae and a bit of rock and it’s just awesome – and another catchy ear worm! This is definitely a band that has recently been added to my “must see” list, they just seem like their music would be so fun and even better live!

(Side note this Jane the Virgin show looks like it might be pretty good!)

And finishing out the night – my girl JLo! She performed “First Love” in what amounted to her swimsuit.She also performed “On the Floor”, “Booty” and “Jenny from the Block”

Overall the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party did not disappoint – If I couldn’t be there, watching it on TV was the next best thing!  I think that JLo and Ariana were my favorite performances of the night!

Did you watch too? What were your thoughts on the show?





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