I can’t believe that it is already Fall – which means time to start figuring out what I’ll be watching in the new fall TV lineups! Some of the shows are starting as soon as next week… I feel so unprepared!  I’ve added a few new shows to my list to check them out, we’ll see if they stick (Sleepy Hollow and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland), I’m also going to be giving The Voice another chance after  taking last season off.  I’ve also dropped X Factor and Glee off of my list, but we’ll see if I end up sticking to that.  I’ve been looking for a reason to stop watching Glee for a while now and with the addition of Adam Lambert and Demi Lovato (two of my FAVORITES – note that is dripping with sarcasm) and the death of Cory Monteith I figured it was as good a time as any to just walk away.

So what do you think?  Anything I shouldn’t be bothering with or new shows I should probably give a chance to?  I feel like usually my early fall lists are much, much longer so there’s got to be a couple shows that I’m missing!


8pm ABC Once Upon a Time (Sept 29)
8pm CBS Amazing Race (Sept 29)

9pm ABC Revenge (Sept 29)


8pm CW Hart of Dixie (Oct 7)
8pm NBC The Voice (Sept 23)

9pm Fox Sleepy Hollow (Sept 16)


9pm Fox New Girl (Sept 17)
9pm NBC The Voice Results


9pm ABC Modern Family  (Sept 25)
9pm CBS Criminal Minds (Sept 25)


8pm ABC Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (Oct 10)
9pm ABC Greys Anatomy  (Sept 26)

8pm FOX Raising Hope (Nov 8)
10pm CBS Blue Bloods (Sept 27)

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