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Self Confidence: How to Overcome Shyness, Worry and Boost Your Self Esteem is a short book to help you become more confident.  This is something that I definitely need help with so I was very interested in what the author of this book had to say.

Chapter 1 is all about how to overcome shyness by changing your appearance.  I’m really not sure that this is the issue with me.  Not that I am always dressed to impressed, but I really don’t care what others think about my outfit.  I’m not sure that’s the root of my shyness.  But for some, I guess changing your look can help.

Chapter 2 is about how to be confident by using positive affirmations.  This I feel is more of a probably for me and I found this chapter to be helpful.

Chapter 3 is how to overcome insecurity once and for all.  It has a list of things that may cause you to be insecure (Trust issues, Self-guilt, poor feeling of self-acceptance, fear of being overshadowed, poor appearance) and then it goes in to each of these causes and lists ways to try and improve these and overcome each of these.

Chapter 4 is how to stop worrying using the power of positive thinking.  This chapter is also all me.  I worry about EVERYTHING.  Things that I shouldn’t even care about.  Things that happened in the past that I can’t change I still worry about.  This chapter talks about how it is hard to stop worrying in some people and how to stay happy and stop worrying. I will definitely be putting this chapter in to use in my life and hopefully if it doesn’t get rid of all my worrying it will get things down to a manageable amount. (I actually am causing myself health problems due to my worrying stressing me out so I definitely need to work on this!)

Chapter 5 is How to improve low self-esteem and have healthy relationships.  I think this chapter is good for almost anyone – relationships are hard and there are some great tips here on how to help with them and what to do- like taking some time out for yourself!

About the Book

You are about to discover how to stop worrying once and for all, how to improve your low self esteem and how to become extremely confident.

In Self Confidence – How To Overcome Shyness, Worry And Boost Your Self-Esteem you will find out proven steps and strategies you can start applying instantly, in order to build up your confidence as well as your self esteem. You will learn about the importance of external appearance, little known tips you can implement and some mistakes you have to avoid. You will learn about positive affirmations, how and when to properly use them and of course why you should even bother. You will be able to determine whether you are suffering from insecurity and how to overcome it. Furthermore, you will find out how to stop worrying and start living and how to harness the power of positive thinking. Finally, you will learn ways you can instantly apply to improve your self esteem and how it can affect the quality of your relationships.

Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn…

# How To Overcome Shyness By Changing Your Appearance
# How To Be Confident By Using Positive Affirmations
# How To Overcome Insecurity Once And For All
# How To Stop Worrying Using The Power Of Positive Thinking
# How To Improve Low Self-Esteem And Have Healthy Relationships

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