Bells will be ringing is 4 short romance stories that center around Christmas.

In Her Secret Santa, Rebecca thinks that her secret santa gifts are too perfect and thinks that whoever got them for her must have talked to her best friend Ben unless it IS him.  They have a moment after a night out but she doesn’t want it to go any futher for fear of ruining their friendship.  Eventually she figures out that she is wrong and wants to be with him – but is it too late?

Merry’s Wonderful Christmas Gift is more of a historical fiction romance story.  The boy that Merry loves had to leave town and became an Earl after several tragic deaths in his family. She thinks that he has forgotten about her but she continues to show up at their meeting spot.  When he comes back to town – can they rekindle their flame or has he moved on?

In His Hawaiian Christmas, Clara is working her first holiday at a resort in Hawaii and is missing her home is Wisconsin.  One of her coworkers, Kai, is a real pain in the butt and is always trying to come up with events to run when she is the main event planner.  He has no care about the danger that he may put guests in and she always has to tell him no.  Then he comes up with a great idea for a Christmas Eve event.  After the event goes off without a hitch the two end up at the same private beach after hours.  When Kai asks Clara what she wants for Christmas – she says snow.  He says he can get that for her.  But in Hawaii? Is he able to pull through with the gift and change her feelings for him?

Finally we meet up with Julia and Gavin in Gavin Fever.  Julia her met her ex Gavin through friends. When they broke up, both seemed to still have feelings for each other.  The mutual friends invited Julia and another couple to their cabin for Christmas. But when Julia arrives her friends aren’t there – she is all alone – until Gavin shows up.  At first, Gavin says that he didn’t know she would be there but later Julia finds out that her friend Ashley helped orchestrate the plan so they could have a night at the cabin together to see if they were still into each other. (Why Julia didn’t realize something was going on when she knew she’d be the 5th wheel, I don’t know! ha)  Is Julia still in love with Gavin? Will the plan work out?

This was a nice read, easy to read a story or two before bed.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About The Book

Tis the season…to fall in love! In this quartet of holiday tales, mistletoe magic sweeps from a Philadelphia candy company to the ballrooms of Regency England, across the shores of a Hawaiian island to a snowstruck cabin in Colorado.

Her Secret Santa by Monica Tillery
Neighbors and co-workers at Morgan Confectioners, Rebecca Sinclair and Ben Redding have been best friends since grad school. When their feelings turn more than friendly, will they be able to get past their fear of ruining their friendship? A holiday gift exchange might just bring the best present of all—Christmas love.

Merry’s Wonderful Christmas Gift by Carolynn Carey
The winter holidays used to be Miss Merry Damonson’s favorite time of year. Until her almost-fiancé Edward Everton abandoned her two days before Christmas. Now he’s returned to their country village, but is it too late to reignite old flames? A holiday ball might just offer these unlucky lovers a second chance.

His Hawaiian Christmas by Diana Jean
Humbug in Hawaii? When Clara O’Fallen gets a promotion to paradise, she can’t help feeling homesick for her Wisconsin winters, complete with real snow, family traditions, and Christmas festivities. But smiling surfer Kai Schmitt might just show this scrooge how to hang loose and catch the spirit of the season—the aloha spirit!

Gavin Fever by Angelita Gill
A sudden snowstorm unexpectedly strands Julia Winthrop with her ex, reality TV star Gavin Beckett, at a cozy mountain cabin for the holidays. Trapped till the weather lets up, their attraction resurfaces. It’s not long before they realize their fling might’ve been the real thing, and this surprise reunion might just be a Christmas miracle.

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