I did actually just find myself googling that. I’ve had other bands I’ve loved break up or go on hiatus.  SK6ers did their final show in NYC and I was in attendance. But Stephen is still touring as a solo artist so it doesn’t really seem like they are gone.  NSYNC went on hiatus. Although, that was a little different because you always kind of hoped they’d get back and then they just… didn’t. (Until the VMAs for a few seconds, of course)

September 6.  Honor Society made a post on their site saying that it was the end.  They’ll be doing 3 farewell shows in DC, NY and LA.  I won’t be able to make it to any of them.

I’m still not entirely sure how to process this whole thing.  I have so many memories over the past 5 years, I’ve made so many friends that I otherwise wouldn’t have even met if not for this band. Obviously, that will always be with me and no one can take that away.

But part of me keeps thinking I’ll wake up and it’ll all just be a joke and they’re still going to keep doing shows.  It’s hard to think that March was my last Honor Society show. It didn’t feel like it was the last. I’m never going to see them again. (Well, I may if they all do their own separate things) It’s just really tough to process.

I’ve been sitting on this post for over a week trying to make it thoughtful and heart felt but I still can’t quite find the words.  I went through all my photos of all my 37 shows to find my pics with the guys.  They’re in the gallery below. There’s a lot of them. My pictures made me cry. I feel funny for crying because they’re not dead, they still exist, but just won’t in the form that I knew them as anymore. But it feels like a part of my heart is broken.

And I still don’t know the answer to my question.  What do you do?


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