It’s that time again the August Goodies box has come and gone… here are my thoughts:


Poplets – Sea Salt & Butter


They are basically corn kernels.  I prefered the ones that were kind of popped to the ones that weren’t at all – these are the things I avoid at the bottom of the popcorn bag.  My mom on the other hand loved the few I let her try.








IMAG0148Cafe Blues

by Barnie’s Coffee

Enjoy the taste of coffee with caramel, pecan and cinnamon notes. Mix into water and coffee is ready– pronto.
This was easy to make and smelled SO good.  The black coffee was super strong but once you put in milk and sugar (or however you take your coffee) it was great! Not sure how practical of an item it is (I don’t think it would travel well in a purse, for instance) but great for home use

Mango Blackcurrant

by Ojo Nectar

Just wait until you see how good this stuff is. It’s tropical fruit juice that’s sweet, refreshing and helps protect and preserve eye health.
This was a lot better than I was expecting, a really strong mango flavor.

Wild Fruit

by Morris National Inc.

This rainbow-colored, tart and chewy candy has a sugary coating that restores balance to your puckered palateI am not a fan of sour candy by any means (I’ll usually try it, make all sorts of crazy faces and then that is it for me) However I did not think that these were sour or tart in any way.  They were good and I had no problem eating the whole bag without any silly faces! 








Veggie Chips

by Snyder’s

These delicious chips put a healthy spin on a traditionally not-so-healthy snack. Crisp & crunchy, you’ll find yourself craving your veggies.I didn’t have a chance to try these before my mom snagged them!  She said that they were good and not salty like other chips so she liked them. 








Hidden Valley Ranch Sunflower Seeds

by Thanasi

Huge sunflower seed get plump and meaty in their shell as they roast. Tossed in tangy buttermilk ranch, they’re powerfully flavorful and fun to munch.Another item that was snagged, but I did try it.  I’m not a huge ranch fan but I found that the flavoring was just powerful enough without making it too much for me as a non-ranch fan. Love sunflower seeds though – especially at ball games!

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