Wednesday night it was time for the 80s! on Idol… we were also treated to some duets.  Here are my thoughts on the night.

DeAndre – I Like It – This was really good. I like that there wasn’t much falsetto in it. I like it!

Elise – I Want To Know What Love Is – So glad that she didn’t do Hallelujiah. It is SO SO SO overdone.  However, the performance she ended up doing wasn’t that great.  Especially after doing so great last week.

Colton & Skylar – Islands In The Stream – Skyler was good, Colton, not so much.

Phillip – Thats All – When I saw the setlist for the night (w/o who was singing what) I said “That’s All? Sounds like a going home song to me!” But… it’s Phillip so I take that back. haha he did great, of course.

Hollie & DeAndre – I’m So Excited – Cute performance. Better than the first one.

Joshua – If You Don’t Know Me By Now – Another amazing performance from Joshua!

Jessica – How Will I Know – I used to rock out to this song over and over and over when I was in 1st grade haha I think Jessica definitely did it justice (to Whitney, not my 6year old version.. she blew that one out of the water haha)

Phillip & Elise – Stop Dragging My Heart Around – I think they sounded great together! Elise did much better in this song than she did with her solo number.

Hollie – What A Feeling – Good performance, but not great. Not sure it will keep her out of the bottom 3.

Jessica & Joshua – Knew You Were Waiting For Me – Great duet!

Colton – Time After Time – I so badly wanted him to suck again… because I don’t like him. But crap. He did good.

Skylar – Wind Beneath My Wings – Another great performance from her. I hope it is enough to keep her out of the bottom 3 because I love her!

Bottom 3: Hollie, Elise, DeAndre

Going Home: Elise

HEY! I got the bottom 3 right for once! Go me 🙂  But I got my going home wrong 🙁  Bummer.

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