Idol – Top 7

Wednesday the Top 7 performed. The theme was songs from 2010 to NOW with guest mentor AKON. I thought it was interesting how Jimmy told Colton he thought it would come down to Colton/Phillip – but then was going on to Jessica about how she’s got it too. They just better watch out for Joshua!

Skylar – Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You – It was a good performance, but not great. With her having been in the bottom 3 lately, I’m not sure this will keep her out of it this week.

Colton – Love The Way You Lie – Still not a fan of his. Also not a fan of slower songs. So.. yeah.

Elise & Phillip – Somebody That I Used To Know – Totally loving this song, but after it was done on Glee Tuesday and Idol wednesday it might be creeping into over done status.  But I did enjoy this duet from Elise and Phillip.

Jessica – Stuttering – Not familiar with this song at all, but I think Jessica did a great job with it.

Joshua – Runaway Baby – Awesome to hear him do something more up beat. Great, great, great performance. Love him.

Colton & Skylar – Dont You Wanna Stay – I really wasn’t into this pairing this week. They should have shook the pairs up a bit more.

Hollie – Perfect – I really like her hair this week! I thought it was a good performance but I’m not sure it was enough. She is good, but my mom turned to me and said “She’s not growing” during the performance.

Phillip – Give a Little More – He’s still a little bit too Dave Matthews.. but it was a solid performance.

Hollie, Jessica, Joshua – Stronger – This trio was kind of a trainwreck at points. Their voices didn’t mesh well together at all. (My mom on the other hand yelled out that it was awesome when they were done. Hmm)

Elise – You and I – Remember that time Haley sang this before anyone even knew what it was? That was a good time.  Elise did good, but I think she’ll be in the bottom 3.


My picks for Bottom 3: Hollie, Skylar, Elise

Going Home: Hollie

Wondering if Thursday’s bottom 3 as orchestrated by the producers with 2 that weren’t really in the bottom… really shocked to see Jessica and Joshua in the bottom!  And I’m back to stinking with my Bottom 3 picks!  Or maybe they just really wanted the judges save to be used because it just seemed ridiculous how that all went down…

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