Titanic Disaster at Sea is a really nice book.  It even has a fold out poster!  All the pages are in color and it is almost like a scrapbook of the Titanic, including some models showing how it is built and a break down of all the luxuries that are on board.  Also featured are some small bios on some of the big names that were on board and involved in the voyage.  This was my favorite Titanic book that I have read recently, probably due to the fact that it was kind of designed like a scrapbook.

Although I’d probably have much rathered holding the book in my hands rather than trying to read it on the computer!  (It even made me think that my Nook was haunted because pages were flipping on it’s own and then the download just completely didn’t work.  Probably because it was too image heavy to actually be converted to my old Nook that doesn’t have color or anything fancy!)

The end of the book even shows some photos of the Titanic under water and some of the artifacts that were discovered. (Similar to what I saw when I went to the Titanic exhibit a couple of years back)

The book does a great job of mixing modern day animations and photos with the snapshots from the Titanic as well.  Definitely a great book for any child who shows some interest in learning about the Titanic.  It is packed full of information, but presents it in a fun way that most won’t even realize they are learning!

About the Book

Experience all the drama and tragedy of Titanic inside the pages of this richly illustrated narrative. With a pull-out poster and double gatefold diagram, Titanic: Disaster at Sea is brimming with facts, stories, and fascinating people. From the technological creativity of Titanic’s construction to unselfish sacrifice in the face of disaster, this comprehensive book will satisfy readers with its exciting, up-close look at this amazing true story of triumph and tragedy. For ages 8-14.


Features include:

-Double gatefold diagram of the ship’s interior

-Pull-out poster

-Cutaway illustrations

-Detailed, graphical timeline

-Minute-by-minute countdown from the moment of the iceberg’s impact to the arrival of the rescue boats

-Explanatory diagrams and drawings

-Illustrated recreations of events

-Profiles of key participants

-Richly illustrated original art with historical photographs


About the Author

Author Philip Wilkinson has written more than 60 books for adults and children, mainly in the fields of history, architecture and the arts. His titles include the award-winning Amazing Buildings, a Celebration of the Customs and Rituals of the World, which was endorsed by the United Nations, and the bestselling What the Romans Did for Us, the book of the BBC TV series of the same name.


I received a free copy of this book for review purposes from NetGalley.

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