In the first installment of Get Glue stickers, we have the complete set of “The Voice” tour stickers.  I feel like I have been waiting FOREVER for these stickers to show up!

For those of you who do not know, is a website similar to foursquare, but instead of checking in to physical locations you check in to books, movies, TV shows, etc.  For certain check ins or phrases you earn stickers.  Once you earn 20 stickers you can request physical copies of the stickers.  Then, each month after that you can request more stickers from your collection be sent to you.  There are also communities out there to trade duplicate stickers to get ones you may not have remembered to check in to for your collection 🙂

Idol Charleston
Fringe at Comiccon
Glee at Comiccon
Harry Potter Box Office
Never Letting Go Pretty Little Liars
Dexter Comiccon
Dexter Trivia
Shameless Comiccon
Weeds Comiccon
The Voice Tour
The Voice Superstar


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