Any book that starts with a warning about humor, has got to be good.  Do You See What I See is a book of “photo hooliganism” made up of modified images with the goal of making you laugh.  I have to say though, I think I missed out on the bigger picture because the book was only as big as my computer monitor (actually, half of my monitor) instead of in my hands which is probably how the book is intended to be read.  However, even looking at the book in it’s teeny tiny state, there were several of the photographs that did indeed make me laugh out loud.  (And probably a few that I just didn’t “get” because they went over my head)

I think one of my favorite photographs in the book was the one of the used car salesman – he was standing outside of his dealership but his shadow was a SHARK.  How perfect, right? Since it a common perception that used car salesman are sharks.  The image that made me want to read the book was the image on NetGalley for the books cover – a shark with braces!   Although I’m not sure I should really say that I “read” this book because there is more looking at and analyzing photographs than there is reading. (Although each image is captioned)

About the Book

The book is an amalgamation of photography, humor and art. An expression of the creator’s perception. By means of carefully crafted imagery, the book explores precepts and corresponding perceptions; moreover, each image is a projected vision of an alternate reality of what would be normally considered as a natural scene. James refers to his technique of manipulating the original photographs he takes as Morphography, or in his street terms ‘Photo-hooliganism. James is a professional photographer and graphic designer and has blended these skills with a distinctive brand of subtlety, to create a unique twist on everyday situations. The eclectic works combine to provide a new and interesting take on clichés, the puns and sayings of the titles compliment the images and trap the reader into having a longer, closer look of what each photograph provides. ‘The objective of this collection of work is to raise a smile or provoke a deeper thought with the audience, to allow the viewer a moment of escape and to share the vision I had at a particular time.’ ‘To see what I saw’ says James. There are no boundaries for James and this is what makes the book full of creative genius.

About The Author

A professional photographer and graphic designer James is easily distracted by composition of ideas, concepts and images that are not confined to his current profession. Prior to exploiting his creative talent and establishing Morphographics, James’ life has been diverse and intriguing. He has been a labourer, a farm worker, a miner and the General Manager of a large international company. He also spent two years in Bosnia, during the height of the Balkans war. James met his beautiful and very patient wife, Marilyn in Sarajevo. They have two amazing children, Madelaine & Harrison, and live in Perth Western Australia.


I received a free e-book from NetGalley in order to write this review.  I was not asked to write a favorable review and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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