The contestants are down to 3 – Scotty from New Orleans, Jes from NY and Sonyae from NJ.

The group each got to work with a producer, full band and backup singers! They had to perform their songs for an audience full of industry people.

Kidd Bogart stopped in to give each of the contestants some guidance with their songs.  Scotty had told Sonyae to change her song title, but then Kidd said she should change it back.

After working on their songs in the studio, the three had to perform them for an audience.  In addition to industry people in attendance, their families were as well!

The judges said that Scotty’s song was a miss this week and that he would not be winning Platinum Hit.  Then it was down to Jes and Sonyae.  It was a bit of a surprise to many that Jes ended up making the finale and even MORE of a surprise when many were saying that she had the best song of the night. (Her song was really good though – a great pop song)

It turned out that the winner of Platinum Hit and the recording deal, writing deal and $100,000 (among other prizes) would be Sonyae!

To be honest, it would have been more suspenseful if it came down to Scotty vs Sonyae since they seemed to be more consistent winning hook challenges week after week.  Once it was Jes vs Sonyae I kind of figured who had won.   I wish it could have been Scotty, but I think with this exposure he will be writing songs for others in no time. He really showed how great he was even if he did not take away the grand prize and title!

I don’t know if this show has gotten renewed for a second season or not, and I’m not sure I’d watch it if I didn’t “know” several of the contestants like I did this season.  Without Jackie and Scotty I’m not sure if I would end up… for lack of a better term… hooked!

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