Our final 4 compete in this episode! Sonyae, Scotty, Nick and Jes all must write the hook for a POP song. This weeks guest judge is Perez Hilton. I am not a fan of his – but apparently he launched Lady Gaga and Katy Perry? really?

And then Perez Hilton had to say that he could hear Hanson singing Nick’s hook. Seriously? No. Get out of here, Perez. Nick’s song came in 4th because his lyrics failed to relay a complete thought. 3rd place went to Jes because her hook was not memorable enough for a pop song. Sonyae came in second and my boy Scotty came in first!

The songs were recorded and will be performed for high schoolers. Nick’s song went up first. I was not a fan of it. Jes’ song was up next. I think it made a lot of progress from the hook and the kids seemed more into it than Nick’s. Sonyae’s song Exit seemed to get a good response as well.  Scotty’s song was pretty good too… I thought it will be between him and Sonyae’s as the winner.

The teenagers and judges agreed – Sonyae’s song won and she has secured herself a spot in the finale!

Then it was time for 2 more to go through to the finale.  The second one going to the finale is Scotty!   The final decision came down to Nick vs Jes.

Jes makes it through! FINALLY… Nick’s ass is going home!!!!!!! yahoooooo.

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