Concert Essentials

Here is a list of things that I recommend you have in your purse (or car, or somewhere nearby) when heading out to a concert!

-Ear Plugs – Whether you have a nice pair of earplugs or just 50cent foam disposable ones, make sure that you have them on you.  The music might not sound loud at the show, but you’ll be regretting not wearing them when your ears are buzzing the whole way home! (And maybe even for a couple of days later)

-Extra Memory Card – You never know when you are going to fill your card or forget your card in your computer after uploading photos (I speak from experience)  Make sure you have an extra memory card on you, just in case! Even if it is a cheap card with limited memory just to have as backup.

-Extra Camera Battery – You never can know when your camera is going to die.  Charge up an extra battery and have it handy.  Remember to charge it again if it has been sitting in your purse for a while so you are not greeted with a second dead battery when you go to use it!

-Sharpie – I like to have a sharpie (or two or three) because you just might bump into one of your favorite artists after the show and want to get a signature! They are not always armed with a sharpie and will be impressed if you hand over one with the item you’d like to get signed!

-Cash – A lot of bands have credit card machines on tour with them, but some venues (especially smaller clubs) often can’t get a good enough signal to actually transmit out to process orders.  Make sure you have some extra cash on you if you want to buy merch and it just might let you cut everyone with credit cards who are waiting in line for a possible signal to come through!

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