Big Brother is one of my favorite reality TV show competitions. In fact, this year I decided to try and become a little bit more “in the know” and made the plunge in to subscribing to Showtime in order to get access to “Big Brother After Dark”. (Of course the fact that showtime also airs one of my favorite shows, Weeds and one of the family’s favorite shows Dexter helped a bit with the decision as well.)

However, I’ve been thinking about it and watching how boring everyone is for 3 hours every night has made me realize that there is absolutely NO way I would ever survive my time in the Big Brother house.

I’ve made a list of a few things that made me realize I couldn’t do it, and there are probably even more than this.

1. No computer / internet – While I’ve survived week (or so) long vacations without a computer or internet, I’m not sure I could survive it for several months. Vacations I either had my phone or a notebook as well.

2. No cell phones – No access to the outside world, my family, my friends, nothing. Just the other crazy house guests that I may or may not even get along with.

3. No paper / pencils! – If I am away without internet, I often keep a journal so that if I want to blog about things when I get back I have notes, or I can just toss the pages in to a scrapbook to read later to recap the event. (Half the things I wrote in my Rock Boat journal I’d never have remembered if I did not write down what had happened that day every time I went back to the room!)

4. B-O-R-I-N-G – It doesn’t seem like there is much to do in the house. The house guests sleep a lot. I’d probably get sick of sleeping all the time haha

5. I’d suck at endurance comps – If I won one, it would be a miracle. Which means I’d have less of a chance at winning H.O.H or Power of Veto if I end up being put up on the chopping block.

6. I’d never survive a week on slop – With Jordan being on slop 2 weeks in a row and the other options being fish both weeks, I realized like her, I’d probably end up on a steady diet of pickles. While I could probably use losing a few pounds, I am not sure that this is the way I would want to go about it. Plus being hungry would probably lead to me having headaches all the time and being grumpy. No one would want to be around me.

7. I wouldn’t want to be watched 24/7 – Creepy people who buy the live feeds (not to say that all are creepy) watching me all the time and picking apart any habits I might have? I’d probably stay clear of any of the internet chatter once I got home… but some of the house guests talk about being harassed on twitter or even in “real life” and I don’t think that I could handle that.

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