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Several weeks ago I added ‘Make new header for concertkatie blog’ to my to do list.  As you can see, it has yet to be done. I got a post-it note in the mail from Kurt Halsey that I think would be perfect for redoing the header, and maybe even re-working the whole layout of the blog around it.

But lately, I have tried to modify things and it resulted in a big BUST.  I’ve tried to work on adding some features to my Honor Society site (honorsocietylive.com) and couldn’t figure it out so I gave up.  I tried to re-do the forums on The Elongated Collectors website and that turned into a huge mess and the forums were down for 4 or 5 days!  I’m sure there were some other things I tried too in the last week or so but I’ve blocked them from my memory.

Then today, I was doing my daily check of the blogger blogs I follow and got to SimplyStacie and saw that she had teamed up with Wacky Jacqui to offer “The Everything Package” blog makeover to one lucky winner. Of course my eyes lit up – if I could win this then I could have a new layout that looks awesome – and I wouldn’t have to worry about taking days trying to do it on my own and messing everything up! It’s always best to leave it to the pros! haha.

Included in the package is:

  • 2 or 3 column design
  • Custom background
  • Custom header
  • Matching font color
  • Sidebar titles (unlimited)
  • Custom signature
  • Custom post divider
  • Social network icons (unlimited)
  • Convert to a 3 column layout
  • Custom blog button
  • Matching profile picture
  • Navigation bar with text or images
  • Matching twitter background
  • Favicon
  • Deletion of Blogger navigation bar if desired
  • Installation

It’s incredibly easy to enter – all you need to do is let Stacie know which of Jacqui’s blog designs you like the most.  There are also some additional entries you can take advantage of as well.  The contest ends October 2 and is open to those with blogger blogs only! 


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