Would You Rather Wednesday

July 1
Break a light bulb in your mouth
Be slashed with a thousand paper cuts and then dipped into a giant bowl of melted butter?

Who comes up with these things… light bulb.

July 2
Be stuck on a desert island with a fishing rod
a funhouse mirror, a silly wig and a joke book?

Um fishing rod. Duh!

July 3/4
Be a super villain called ‘The Pharmacist’
‘The god of upholstrey’?

The Pharmacist.

July 5
Give an enema to an elephant
give an enema to george lucas.

George Lucas, I dont think he can crush me if he gets angry and sits on me like an elephant would..

July 6
Experience a brain freeze (literally)
heart break (literally)

ouch. ummm. brain freeze.

July 7
Remove a 30 foot tapeworm from a rhinoceros
be peed on by mr. snuffleupagus?

peed on. sesame street rocks.

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