July 17, 2010

Southern Voice Tour – Setlist

I managed to throw together the following setlist from Lady A’s performance. It is in no order whatsoever and from memory/youtube videos so I might be missing a song or two as well, but hey it’s better than nothing. If you were there and happen to remember any other songs, please leave a comment!

American Honey
Hello World
Perfect Day
Our Kind of Love
Need You Now
Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty Cover)

LiveNation Tweeted Tim’s setlist so I have that to post as well:
Real Good Man
Last Dollar
Green Grass
Let It Go
She’s My Kind of Rain
Back When
Everybody Hates Me

Blank Sheet of Paper
If You’re Reading This

Tiny Dancer
Felt Good On My Lips
Things Change
I Like It, I Love It
Southern Voice

Sing Me Home
Angel Boy
Live Like You Were Dying
Cowboy In Me


(And a random note – I am pretty sure one of Lady A’s backup guitarists was on the Rock Boat with Curtis Peoples in ’09)

Southern Voice Tour 7/16/10 Hartford, CT

Tonight Tim McGraw and the Southern Voice tour came through the Comcast Theatre in Hartford.  This was my 3rd Ultimate Access Pass show. I went with my friend Jen and neither of us were too into staying for Tim, however I did want to stay for a song or two so I could at least say I had seen him.

We got to the venue around 5:30 and there were women in front of us tailgating who asked us to shut our car off because it was making them too hot.  So we couldn’t sit there with the AC on and instead had to deal with the windows down and a slight breeze here and there.  (It was about 90 degrees out)

About 7 we decided to go inside and we got my new chairs in even though some people apparently were not allowed to bring them in? I’m not sure what was going on with that.  We picked our spot at the handicapped section in the front of the lawn.

Just before 8 Jen said she saw lightning and told me to watch to our right until I saw something.  Eventually I saw lightning too and a lot of the crowd did as well because there were yells every time we saw a bolt.  It seemed like it was going behind us and the sky above us wasn’t that dark so we tried not to worry.

When Love and Theft took the stage, everything was fine but shortly into their first song it started to rain and then it started to POUR.  I am talking huge, huge rain drops and it was COLD!  I tried to enjoy the music (I liked what I heard) but I just kind of sat there watching my shorts get darker and darker from all the rain.

The lawn was turning into a mud slide and kids were purposely sliding around in it and splashing in the muddy puddles.  I was attempting to keep some sort of setlist for Love and Theft but unfortunately the rain was making my phone act up and keys were not working so I took the whole thing apart and threw it in my purse.

Next up was Lady Antebellum and their set was relatively rain free so I got to enjoy it a bit more than Love and Thefts (although being soaked I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I would have liked)  I really like their single “Need You Now” and they were the main reason I went to this show.  I was really impressed with the rest of their stuff as well (See, I do like some country… most country/pop or whatever is played on Top 40 stations I enjoy) and will have to look into getting their album.  They are coming back on their headlining tour in October, but I’m not sure I am *that* into them. (I’ll decide once I give their album a couple spins)

While the original plan was to leave a couple of songs into Tim’s set, when I stood up and realized my shorts weighed about 20lbs all on their own, we decided it was time to go.  Both Jen and I were shivering and I was even sneezing!

Under any other circumstances I wouldn’t have left before the headliner did at least a couple songs but I think I made the right choice. (Even though the guy next to us tried to convince us otherwise)  I even debated buying a shirt to change into when we got back to the car but the only one I even somewhat liked was $50 and I wasn’t sure I would wear it that much to justify it. Luckily I had a hoodie in my car to change into and out of the wet t-shirt!

I am home now and my phone is in rice so I can’t retrieve the partial setlist of Love and Theft (and Im not even sure how many songs I ended up with before I gave up on my phone) and I am finally dry and warm though my hair is still wet!

Photos to come tomorrow and if I happen to find setlists somewhere or figure it out from Lady A’s CD track listing I will post it after. (I know they closed the set with a Tom Petty cover! Free Fallin’)

No concerts until next week when I have a Hanson weekend!

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