Would You Rather Wednesday

July 15
Rest your head on a tee and get smacked with the full-speed swing of tiger woods
have a bowling ball dropped from 20 feet on your groin?

This made me laugh given Tiger Woods semi-recent scandal(s)

July 16
Have all of your phone calls recorded and played back on a popular radio station
have all your emails posted on AOL’s homepage?

I rarely make phone calls, but I am always emailing, so I’ll have to go with phone calls.

July 17/18
Have monopoly hotel and houses boogers
defecate rubix snakes?

Monopoly is one of my favorite games so I am going to go with hotel and houses boogers.

July 19 (Happy Birthday to me!)
Be stuck on a stalled bus with incontinent Labradors
the paparazzi?

Well, I’d have to assume if the paparazzi are with me, someone famous must me too – so I’ll go with that. If not, and theyre taking pics of me.. well they’ll have a bunch of me with my eyes closed because the flashes make me blink!

July 20
Live in a world without david copperfield

I love me some oatmeal – so sorry David Copperfield – bye bye.

July 21
Dive head first off a 15-meter high-dive board into an empty pool
drink a tall glass of liquid nitrogen.

Nitrogen. Although both would probably kill me, nitrogen would probably be less awful? I don’t know. It’s been a while since I’ve taken Chem 😉

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