Mixtape Festival Broomball

Saturday morning was the Rock N Jock Broomball match with NKOTB, Hanson and Jonas Brothers playing.  Hanson opened the game with singing the national anthem.

Game 1, Jonas beat Hanson by a score of 2-1.   I can’t remember who scored for the Jonas team but Zac scored the goal for team Hanson.

Since NKOTB were defending champs, they played the winner and NKOTB beat Jonas 2-1.  Jordan scored both of the goals for NKOTB and Kevin scored the Jonas goal.

The games were a lot of fun and I have a TON of pictures so expect them soon!

Mixtape Festival – Rock N Jock Softball

One of the VIP Mixtape Festival perks was a Rock N Jock softball game of NKOTB vs BSB.  This was the only VIP perk that I was sad I was missing out on, because I only bought GA tickets.  However, about a week before the festival they announced that tickets would be for sale for $10 at the event for non VIP ticket holders to also attend. I could not be happier – boybands and baseball, it doesn’t get much better than that!

For NKOTB – Jon did not play. He just hung out in the dugout.  I think this was because he hurt his leg last year on tour, he probably didn’t want to hurt it again!  For BSB – Nick didn’t play.  He was nowhere to be found.  It turned out he had a solo show in Toronto that night and that is why he was not there.

During warm ups there was a dog out on the field – Donnie’s dog, Lumpy. He was HILARIOUS and was running all over the place trying to get the ball! Howie was throwing and the dog would not leave him alone and wanted the ball he had in his hand. The guys kept throwing a ball far away so he would chase it and get out of their way haha

BSB won the toss up and decided that they wanted to bat first.  I believe it was Howie D who was up first, he hit the ball right to Jordan and after he caught it, Donnie ran over and then Joe joined them and they were all jumping up and down like they had just won the world series.  Howie ran over all annoyed and next thing you know – he is jumping around with them too.

After the first inning, it was BSB 4, NKOTB 3.  It seemed like they were trying to get things moved along and the next couple of innings were scoreless.  Donnie was playing around and took his shirt off to bat – ended up hitting the ball right to Brian, who was actually a really great ball player and Brian had no trouble catching it.  Donnie wasn’t too happy about that – but in his next at bat hit an inside the park homer which scored not only him, but 2 others too.

NKOTB ended up winning by a score of 9-4 after only 4 innings of play. (They had said they’d play 5, but I guess things were going a bit too slowly so they had to cut it short)

It was so much fun – but I really don’t know who decided to have it start at 10am when the show went until 11 each night of the festival and the VIPs had after parties after that!  If they decide to do it again next year (and it sounds like they might, the festival at least), I hope that they do it a bit later in the day!

Mets All Time Team

Sunday night as part of a belated Birthday Gift / Father’s Day gift for my Dad I took him to the 92nd St Y to see SNY preset the Mets All Time Team. (Or I guess he took me as he was the brave one to drive to the city!) We couldn’t find much information about it at all, but the write up on the website said that Tom Seaver and Keith Hernandez would be there, so I figured it would be worth it. Tom is my dad’s all time favorite Met and Keith is one of my favorites and I was hoping that David Wright might show up as well.

We got there too early for doors so we went outside to debate if we should grab a bite to eat first.  While debating, Cleon Jones showed up. (I could spot all the tinted window suburbans and my Dad could recognize the players, we made a good team.)  We also saw Jay Horowitz, the Mets head PR guy walk in as well as Howie Rose, one of the Mets radio announcers.

Then my Dad asked if we should go down a block and grab a slice of pizza, but I spotted Keith coming around the corner. He looked confused so we grabbed my camera and were ready to try and stop him for a photo, but he ended up going up the ramp and not the stairs near us.  Some other guy shouted out “Hey that guy we have the bobblehead of just walked in.”  We decided to hang around to see if anyone else would go in the front entrance but no one else did.

Shortly after 8 the program kicked off and we finally found out some more details of what would actually be going on.  There would be 4 “nominees” for each position and then the all-time player for that position would be chosen.  Some were obvious choices, some were harder but my Dad said ultimately he thinks that they picked the right one for each position. (Although Davey vs Gil for Manager is up for debate.)  The show airs on Thursday at 7pm on SNY so you can check out all the details. (I’ll post again if anything was cut out that I thought was important.)

Under the cut is the team chosen and some info on the Q&A after the taped portion

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Trip to DC!

As I had previously mentioned, over the Labor Day weekend I took a trip to DC to visit a friend.  The main reason for the trip was to see the Mets (we went to 2 games) but we also went to The Hard Rock Cafe in D (of course) and took a tour of Ford’s Theater.  And of course I have already updated you all on the Stevie Nicks concert.

Here’s a few photos to recap the weekend, under the cut! 🙂

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The dumbest thing I’ve ever done (aka Hockey Fest ’11)

The Hanson Brothers

I have done a lot of dumb things. Especially if it is to see/meet one of the guys from a band or a TV show that I like.  However, I am pretty sure today was THE dumbest thing I have ever done. Really.

A couple weeks ago it was announced that David Henrie of Wizards of Waverly place would be playing in the Whalers/Bruins Alumni/Celebrity game at Hockey Fest. I LOVE David Henrie.  Actually, I don’t.  I love Justin Russo, which is David’s character on Wizards. If he was real, I would do whatever I could to marry him.  He is smart, good looking and most importantly, a Mets fan!

The Hanson Brothers

My friend Christine and I decided we had to go see him and possibly find him to meet him as well. (Plus, we also love the Whaler’s mascot, Pucky. He is so cute!) We didn’t have any tickets but this afternoon we decided… what the heck, we would try to get relatively cheap seats to make sure we were inside the venue and that way if there was any way to meet David, we would be able to figure it out once inside.

All the players after the game

This all seems normal enough, right?  Well, for any of you who don’t live in the north east – today was probably THE windiest day… ever!  My car said it was 33 degrees outside when I was driving up to Christine’s house – and when I got out of the car the wind practically sent me flying! Not to mention, it made everything a whole lot colder!

We bundled up, got in the car and headed to “The Rent” where the game was being held. Outside.

I recognized this celeb player from Desperate Housewives

And then.. they announced the team. And they said David’s name. But we never saw him? We could not find him on the ice or the bench the entire game. We don’t think he was there.  I have gone through all of my photos and I have found all the other celebrities on the lineup in the game or on the bench or leaving the ice. But NO David.  We were tweeting him a bit (but only a bit – WAY too cold to take our gloves off to tweet!) hoping he would let us know if he was even THERE… but nothing.

The Bruins team during player announcements

After the celebrity/alumni game, there was a CT Whale vs Providence Bruins game. However, once the sun went down the temperature dropped dramatically and we knew we would be frozen solid if we sat out there for another couple of hours. So we left.

Players leaving the ice after the first period

I really don’t know if we are EVER going to thaw out from this afternoon!!

The game ended in a 4-4 tie.  And The Hanson Brothers were there! No, not *my* Hanson.. but *the* Hanson Brothers.  I always remember back in 1997 Hanson used to have to specify that they were not the hockey brothers and whenever I searched for Hanson items on ebay The Hanson Brothers and SlapShot items would show up, so it was kind of funny to get to see them. Although, I am sure I would have enjoyed their antics more if my teeth were not chattering.

But there you have it – what has to be the dumbest thing I have ever done!

Jonas Brothers Road Dogs Game

At 10am Gates opened at New Britain Stadium for the Road Dogs vs the ESPN GOATS.  Goats stood for “Greatest Of All Time” but I guess there were jokes that it could mean “Go Out And Tank.”  We snagged some seats over the home dugout (goats) and waited.  BP was set to start at 11:15 and as far as we knew the game was going to start at 12.

While ESPN was taking BP, Jonas arrived.  They came in from the back of the field and waved – and weren’t even in their uniforms yet!  Then there were announcements that the first pitch would not be until 1:15! It was a looong morning.

The Road Dogs came out for BP and everyone was pretty much constantly screaming for one of the brothers.  ESPN was getting upset and asked that we cheer a little for them as well because they were the home team! haha

I tried to take photos of each of the members of the teams names on the scoreboard to get some sort of lineup.  I think I failed but I will post what I have anyway.

ESPN Goats
Pod Vader 2B
Mo Davenport C
Nate Ravitz RCF
Jason Gilbert LF
Greg Collie SS
Matthew Berry P
Marcellus Wiley 1B
Keith Lipscomb LCF
Michael Yam SS
Michelle Beadle C
Michael Greenberg

Road Dogs
Tallie Brinson
Kevin Jonas P
Phil Mcintyre SS
Nick Jonas 3B
Mike Meehan
Matt Petroff 2B
Eddie De La Garza 1B
Joe Jonas RCF
Demian Arriaga RF
Michael Sarner
Jared Rosenberg LF

Road Dogs took an early lead, scoring 2 runs in the top of the first.  They scored a 3rd run in the 3rd (I think) and I was getting very sunburned and even with sunscreen on it didn’t seem like it was helping, so I left after the 4th and went to the car for a nap. Not sure how much worse I would have ended up if I stayed out there another hour! (And if the game started at noon like scheduled, I’d have made it through the whole game)

Road Dogs ended up winning 3-0.  Kevin pitched a shut out!

Big Citi Crunch – Part of a World Record

Friday night, the New York Mets in partnership with Wise potato chips had the “Big City Crunch”, an effort to create the largest crunch ever and break a Guinness world record. Upon entering the stadium, game go-ers were given a bag of Wise potato chips. The chips had a sticker on them saying not to open them until the middle of the 2nd inning, when the attempt to break the record would be.

Apparently there was a “audible” crunch throughout the stadium, but I didn’t even hear the chip in my mouth crunch, to be quite honest. There were people from Guiness on hand to make sure the record was broken. Also on hand was the Wise Owl who helped Mr Met toss t-shirts to the crowd.

The record was broken with 39,203 fans participating in the crunch. I’ve been trying to find what the old record was, but without any luck. Was there even such a record?

Under the cut is the bag – made especially for the met game featuring Jose Reyes, who wasn’t even at the game to cheer us on (but did tell us when to crunch in a pre-recorded clip) as well as the seal warning us to wait to open the bag.

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