Flashback Friday – 1999

It’s time for another installment of Flashback Friday. This month I am featuring 1999. Again, I only went to 1 concert. This was NSYNC at the Meadows Music Theater, we had lawn seats (which is probably why I chose to not to include any photos other than the poster I made – which is made up of tiny cut outs of each NSYNC members heads and their flame logo. The amount of teenie bopper magazines I had to cut up to have made this must have been insane)

Check it out under the cut

Nsync July 1999

Baseball Scrapbook

For some not so smart reason I decided it would be a good idea to save all my baseball photos and “stuff” to scrap after the season was over. Of course then I didn’t. (Maybe because the season was such a bust, I just wanted to keep distanced from it) But over the past couple of weekends I knocked out all of my pages (except for a title page) using my “Finished in a Flash” kit and some other pages I had as well.

Flashback Friday – 1998

I am slowly trying to get all my scrapbook pages scanned or photographed to post on my website which has been under construction for WAY too long. So one Friday a month I have decided that I will post old scrapbook pages. I chose to only do this once a month because some years I went to a LOT of concerts (although nothing compared to recently!) and it will take me time to get the free time to scan and edit the images.

Today is 1998 – I went to just one concert, Hanson. Check out the scrapbook pages under the cut. (Keep in mind these were scrapped long before it was the “in” thing to scrapbook so supplies were limited and all these old pages are done on construction paper!)

This is my first scrapbook title page. These will be thrown in here and there, though they aren’t really all that interesting.

My first concert page comes with a fun M&G; pass. A bit of a sign of things to come, I guess 😉

Scrapbook inspiration

Over the weekend I was attempting to scrap my 20th Honor Society show, but I was stumped. How do you make a layout fresh when you've done it so many times before?

I looked through my scrapbook ideas book and one layout caught my eye. It might have been because the word 'remember' was so large and this show was all about if Alex would remember my drumstick.

The layout was loosely based off the one in the book but it turned out so different! Check it out…
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Scrapbook Spending Freeze!

I had to put myself on a scrapbook spending freeze. Which means, I can’t buy any new scrapbooking items until I am done scrapping The Rock Boat. (Exceptions include: adhesive, page protectors and anything on peachycheap that I just can’t live without because it’s only available for that day, provided I can pay for it with my paypal balance)

I kept a) buying tons and tons of things that who knows when I will use them and b) waiting for everything to come before I worked on anything, hoping it would perhaps give me inspiration.

Now that all my shipments are all caught up, I am chugging along on my pages for The Rock Boat (with the exception of titles because my Silhouette is waiting on a new part!)

I also am planning to try and catch up on everything by mid-May – because with 2 (maybe 3) Honor Society shows, Tony Lucca, Josh Gracin and a trip to Oklahoma to see Hanson… well… just imagine how backed up I’ll be with those concerts alone!!

Monday night I did 2 more Artist pages (Curtis Peoples and Tyrone Wells) which were a bit of cheating because the paper is essentially the entire layout, you just add photos. But it’s still 6 or so less photos in the pile that need to be scrapped! It’s progress! Last night I did a page dedicated to the dining room plates (they were creepy, ok? I had to take pics) and put aside some paper and photos for a Cruise Food layout (Not sure yet if it’ll be 1 or 2 paged layout)

Meanwhile, I’ve been getting my magazines – Memory Makers & Creating Keepsakes which have not only been giving me a TON of ideas for layouts, but have been giving me a TON of ideas of things to BUY. Maybe I will reward myself with some new stamps or kits once all this Rock Boat stuff is done and my scrapbook supply is dwindling again!

Once The Rock Boat is done I still have the following things to work on: Baseball Autographs, Me & Celebs book, NYC ABC book, Saturday’s Acoustic Cafe concert… On top of my regular job and all my volunteer jobs!! Good thing it’s so much fun.

Peachy Cheap!

Since things are kind of slow here… I just wanted to post about a new website I found – it is called Peachy Cheap and it is a deal a day website that sells ONLY scrapbook supplies. At first I was incredibly concerned about this because I thought I would go crazy – but I have managed to contain myself and have made only 2 purchases since finding out about the site a couple of weeks ago.

For those of you familiar with WOOT! It is essentially the same thing – but for scrapbookers. Every day 1 item is listed and it is anywhere between 25% and 99% off of retail costs. Shipping is always $5 (you have to pay shipping per item even if you buy more than one of the same thing) and you have to pay via paypal.

So far I got myself some pretty cool rub ons (I might use a few this weekend, but I think most are being saved for the rock boat for journaling space) and just a couple days ago some metal signs which have yet to show up. (I saw one that said “Rock Star” and one that said “Dream Big” and I was sold!) So if you are a scrapbooking looking for a deal – I definitely recommend you add this site to your list of sites to check daily!


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