I have to say, I was super pumped when I saw this book. 90s pop is basically my life.  And a coloring/activity book is the perfect thing to de-stress after a busy work week! I was a little bit nervous waiting for the book to come in the mail because I was worried that Hanson wasn’t going to be included and I was going to have to give this book a horrible review, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were included with their very own coloring and activity page.  This book is a lot longer than I was expecting it to be – there are 2 pages (or 1 front and back) for each of the stars included.  The front is the coloring page and the back is the activity page.  Activities are all sorts of different things like connect the dots, spot the difference and two truths and a lie.  Hanson’s activity is two truths and a lie which I am sure it will be no surprise that I aced it.  Also included in the book is BSB, NSYNC, and Nick Lachey (though the rest of 98 degrees is surprisingly missing).  In addition to 90s pop stars there are some early 00s as well… and of course, no 90s Pop book would be complete without a Carson Daly mask for you to color.

I haven’t really started coloring too much of this book yet, but I can’t wait to dive right in and give Hanson their long blonde locks, color in Nick Lachey’s tattoos and help Britney Spears find the necklace that she thought the old lady threw in the ocean in the end.  If you are anywhere near as into 90s pop as I am, this book is a must have, even if the drawings in it are a bit silly. (I mean, you’re telling me that is Joey Fatone, really?)

I received a free copy of this book from blogging for books in order to write this review.

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About the Book

Join Britney Spears in a maze searching for the necklace she once thought the old lady dropped into the ocean. Join Mandy Moore for a Candy-fuelled adventure in her green VW bug. Color in the scorching tattoos on Nick Lachey’s rippling biceps. All this and so much more to be discovered within the pages of That’s so ’90s Pop, a fill-in activity book featuring a bevy of beloved musical pop stars from the late ’90s/ early ’00s.

Pop Stars Include:
·         The Spice Girls
·         Backstreet Boys
·         Britney Spears
·         N Sync
·         Christina Aguilera
·         98 Degrees
·         Mariah Carey
·         TLC
·         Mandy Moore
·         Enrique Iglesias
·         Destiny’s Child
·         Jessica Simpson
·         Macy Gray
·         Alanis Morisette
·         Aaron Carter
·         Usher
·         Lil’ Kim
·         Pink
·         Blink 182
·         Los Del Rio
·         and more!